Why We Need “Essential Health Benefits” on Every Health Insurance Plan

My wife and I were in San Francisco last week, and we caught a Lyft ride to have dinner with friends. As we rode, the driver started chatting with us. He asked us what we were doing there, and we told him we were there for a conference on mental health counseling. He then told ...

Religious Intellectual Dishonesty

The story goes that I got in trouble with the priest when I was a kid because I asked too many questions. My inquiring mind wanted to know the context of biblical sayings, not just the quotes themselves. That carried on into my teenage years, when I sat in the back of the church and ...

Is this REALLY the hill you want to die on?

When I was in high school, there was this tough ex-military type who taught us world history. He was a really cool teacher because he seemed very interested in the subject matter. When the intervention in Somalia started, he and I had a very good discussion on why Somalia was not so much about humanitarian ...

Red Dawn

I'm not much of a morning person, but waking up early to see this was worth it. Look at those primary colors!

The Things That Will Follow You Forever

Oh, the things I've done. I'm incredibly lucky that the internet wasn't around when I was a teenager. Otherwise, I'm sure there would be at least one viral video of me ________ the _______ from the _________ with my __________ as everyone _________ around me. (Redacted for your own peace of mind.) Today, however, the internet ...

So You Want to Work in Professional Public Health?

Excerpt: Just a few pointers on what to do as you get ready to go into work as a professional in public health.

I’m One Mean Hombre

Apparently, I ruffled some feathers with my post to my most conservative friend. Three people have told me how they felt about the post. Two have told me that I -- apparently single-handedly -- have managed to bring down the Democratic Party. First, Hope's comment: "I don’t think you have or want any conservative friends. ...

A Day of Protesting in Baltimore

A group of mostly Latin American immigrants held a protest in Baltimore on Thursday, February 16, 2017, to protest the current executive actions on immigration. I took some pictures.

Take A Better Selfie

Ah, selfies. You either love them or hate them. You either think people are very bane and self-centered for taking them, or you appreciate that someone is document themselves being somewhere. Whatever your side on this, and if you enjoy photography, you know that there are good selfies and there are bad selfies. The typical ...

To My Most Conservative Friend

My glass is not half full. It's half empty because I gave the other half of water to someone who was thirsty, just like Jesus would (the Jesus described in the Bible, not the caricature misquoted up on stages of megachurches-slash-concerts). Your glass is half empty because some monster made up in the imagination of Breitbart of Alex Jones or Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield or Ted Cruz stole your water. Or because you drank it all so no one else could have it.