Little Horses

The Girl and I went out to Gettysburg today to take in the sights. And we took a quick turn off the road to visit the Miniature Horse Farm. It was awesome. How minature are those horses?

Well, either The Girl is quite short, or the horses are quite, well, miniature. (The horses are miniature.) Like my little sister, The Girl is also into horses. My little sister LOVES horses, A LOT. She once grabbed a hold of an toy donkey, looked at it, looked at me, and said, “Look at him… He’s beautiful.”

So they also had a miniature burro at this farm. I now understand the horrors of which we are warned by those who reject genetic engineering and stem cell research…

Okay, so he’s not a horror. He was quite cute. Him and a miniature horse were walking around amongst the people. The Girl said it was their “meet and greet”. “Hello, sir, I’m a miniature burro. Don’t call me small though… I’m a burro, after all,” he seemed to say. Then he came in for a close up…

So now The Girl and I have the perfect spot to take my very young sister Amy when she visits. I have a feeling she’ll love it. (And not only do they have miniature horses. They also have a camel, several normal horses, Llamas, mountain goats, and other birds and quadripeds.)

It was the best weekend I’ve had in a while…

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  1. It is early morning and I called Amy to see this post, She came and very serious told me: Mamy, you know, if horses are small for ever and ever, they are named “Ponnies”. La Momma. Posted by Anonymous


  2. I was going to say “Look at the little ass” and then somehow connect it to you, but both Anon and Swayers have ruined it for me.So now I’m leaving a lame comment. Hmph. Posted by Jess


  3. Sorry Jess…but you still could have came up with a good pun like:-nice ass…oh, and you don’t look so bad either-whoa, you’ve got one hairy ass-look out for the dingleberries-shouldn’t that thing be in a cage?…and the burro too?well i guess you can’t use them now that i just did…but i’m sure you can some up with something just as great. Posted by swayers


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