“Two There Are Always…”

When I went to Houston for my birthday half marathon back in January, I managed to forgo the pain and cramping and drive down to Corpus Christi to see my good friend Heather and her family. (The story of Heather and I is worthy of its own blog, I swear.) Young Gabriel is very much into soccer. I would like to think that he likes it because I gave him a soccer ball when he was just a baby. So we decided to go out to the back yard and kick the ball around a bit. It was very fun. I could barely move, but it helped get some of the lactic acid out of my legs. Heather’s youngest, Christian, kept running after the ball, pouncing on it whenever it came near. I’m thinking he’ll be a goalkeeper more than a forward or midfielder. It’s so good to teach the young ones the tricks you’ve learned throughout your life, both in soccer and in other aspects of being (and feeling) alive.

“…no more, no less.”

A master, and an apprentice.

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