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7 Miles at the C&O Canal

I went out for a run at the C&O canal in Williamsport, Maryland, today… Here are some pics.

This is actually a picture of me at the end of the run. You can tell by the tiredness in my eyes how I felt. (I didn’t feel good.) It may be flat and tree-covered, but I did all those miles without water and yet to eat breakfast.

That water didn’t exactly look inviting for swimming or any other water sports. I hope she didn’t fall in. One gulp of water and she’d be a gonner.

See? It’s nice and flat and covered by trees… But 7 miles are 7 miles.

On the other side is West Virginia.

Some of these trees have been here for centuries, so they’re very tall!

The word “symbiosis” came to mind for some reason.

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