What Is It About Soccer?

>This is the part where you say that it figures: A Mexican likes soccer. But I like it for so much more than just because of my social inclinations. Soccer gets me running and running a lot. I enjoy when I manage to squeeze out a play at my old age, especially against the young kids that go to play at the park. They are fast, I’ll give them that. But they are also very easily tricked, something I’ve learned to do more and more with age.
Soccer is also a bit of a social tool for me. I meet new people and maybe even make new friends. Some know me as “Paco” while others know me as “Ren”. Many get confused on how to address me because they hear me yelling in Spanish to the Hispanics and English to the Americans. It’s just plain fun.
So I went to play tonight, and I’m feeling pretty good. I player really well. Tomorrow comes the running again.

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