Why I Run

>I am writing this as I wait for the light rail to take me downtown for the half marathon. And I am asking myself, “Why?” I’m not going to break any records or win anything. Longing for the comfort and warmth of my bed, my mind asks what the point really is.

My spirit, on the other hand, is 100% in this. It tells me that running is catharsis, relief, that the pain punishes the body and mind but releases my spirit. It is one of very few things that do this for me. Drugs and alcohol wouldn’t do it, neither would other pleasures of sin. In a way, I guess, this is my drug.

I get high on taking on challenges that seem difficult or even insurmountable. This dumb, overweight guy is about to zone-out for a few hours and traverse 13.1 miles, all before many, too many, other fat people even get out of bed… While others fret about going to the corner store on foot.

This is not for all the marbles, nothing really is.. The marbles are won throughout an entire life, not a single full or half marathon. And they’re lost in the life we waste fretting about what doesn’t matter at all.

Now, let’s run, you and I.

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