Oh, my heart!

I’m wearing a “holter monitor” right now to constantly monitor my heart for a whole day. It’s a little bit annoying, but it will provide some clues on what is going on with my heart. About two weeks ago, while in Omaha, I started getting some really strong palpitations. When I felt my pulse, I noticed that I was skipping heartbeats. Now, this apparently happens to plenty of people lots of times. But it is downright scary to me. I feel that I may have damaged my heart by gaining so much weight over my lifetime — and more so in the last few years.

So, while the doctors try to figure out what is going on with me, I’m going to focus on losing weight and, once I am cleared to work out, work on getting fit. I started by taking the steps at work today, even while lugging the heart monitor and my backpack. It was a good feeling to get my heart rate up and then feel it go down on its own after a few minutes. There might be hope for my heart yet,

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