Virginia Beach is calling my name

I went out for a run with the pup the other evening. It wasn’t so much a run as just a “move faster than walking” type of activity. I walked fast for half a mile, then jogged for half a mile, and then repeated it for two miles. It’s amazing how much I’ve lost in terms of running ability, and how I gained about five to ten more pounds on top of what I was trying to get rid of.

Other people would probably have given up by now and resorted to something drastic to control their weight. Not me. I believe that I can still reverse this process and actually lose weight and get back to running… Heart arrhythmias be damned. I’m not afraid of my heart suddenly stopping anymore. And that’s a good feeling to have.

So I’ll be upping my milage in the next few weeks to the point where my weekend long runs will be ten miles plus, all as I prepare to return during the Virginia Beach Half Marathon.