Good news will work their way to all them plans

EDITORIAL NOTE: I’m not supposed to write about Public Health, so every time you read ## in this post take it to mean “Public Health”.

Good news, everyone! I was accepted into a certificate program in ## leadership offered by Johns Hopkins University. As some of you may remember, I was rejected from the Dr## program there this year. So I’m trying to pad my resume/CV to be a more attractive candidate for the next year.

The bad news behind this is that I was not accepted to the certificate program right away because I needed my employer to approve my application. After it being initially approved, a snafu in the bureaucracy meant that the application was rejected. Then one of my bosses spoke to the right person it seems, and I was accepted.

I say that it was bad news because [REDACTED].

So that’s that.

In the next few months, I’ll be working with some top notch ## people to complete this certificate and apply at four or five universities in my quest to get that elusive doctoral degree in ##. I hope that all my planning for the next year will have some good news working themselves into them.

I need more carrots.

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