Bad dog

I came home tonight to find that our dog had done this:

Isn’t chocolate supposed to be bad for dogs?

That’s a box of chocolate cake mix, a bag of cupcake wrappers, and a bag of guinea pig snacks. The dog got these from different points around the house and tore into them, eating the chocolate cake mix and the snacks. Needless to say, she is in the “crate”, separated from the rest of the house.

But is that punishment enough?

See, dogs are not like humans. She no longer associates the punishment with what she did because her brain is not set up like that. I’d need for her to do the same exact thing several times and me punish her the same way several times for her to understand that doing that leads to punishment. Human brains are different. We usually get things a couple of times into the sequence.

Okay, so it takes some of us a few times. But we really do get it. Whether or not we want to learn the lesson is a completely different thing. For example, it took me one time to stick my fingers in the electric socket and learn not to do that ever again. On the other hand, it took me several failed relationships to learn that drama is not a good thing upon which to base a relationship.

I really don’t know what my parenting style is going to be with the eventual child (aka “Fetus Jones”). And, before everyone freaks out, we are very much not pregnant.

My mother’s parenting style was authoritarian. Whatever she said went, and the consequences of going against her wishes were dire. There were spankings involved. She really enforced her authority.

My father’s parenting style was more relaxed. The way he enforced his authority was by simply denying me what I wanted. Bad behavior equaled no fun, no toys. It was simple. Dad never hit me.

So what will my parenting style be? I guess that this will very much depend on the child, doesn’t it? (I really hope he or she is more like my wife than me. I challenged authority at every turn, and still do so today. I’m a troublemaker.)

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  1. October 4, 2012 at 02:09

    I know a bit about dog training from my Husky and the classes we went through with him. I really am only commenting to say this: if your dog associates his/her crate with a safe place – then it won’t be as effective. Dunno if that’s helpful or not but FYI.


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