Stress relief via slogs

The dog was visible.
The dog was visible.

SLOG = “Slow Jog”

I’ve been under a ton of stress the last few days because I applied for a doctoral degree at a very prestigious university. They were to make their decision soon. (In fact, as I you read this, they may have already made their decision.) It used to be that I would deal with stress with a snack, or a well-packed burger. While I still grab a quick snack, I’ve been making an effort to make that snack something a little healthier than a fat-packed this or that.

I’ve also been going out for slogs with the dog, even if it has been very cold. That has been key in keeping me sane through the anxiety of waiting. There’s something about the dog running along with me, almost smiling. There’s also something about the cool, clean air filling my lungs and letting me know that I’m alive, and that I’ll continue to be alive whether they accept me into the doctoral program or not.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to go out for jogs or runs, or even walks, in their neighborhoods because of crime or other unsafe conditions where they live. When I think about that, I feel an even greater urge to get through the doctoral program and have more authority and ability to help people like that. The world would be a much better place if everyone was able to go out for a walk with a dog.

We’ll see how it goes.