Love doesn’t conquer all

How many times have you heard it? “Love conquers all!” This phrase, or a variation thereof, is usually uttered by some hapless teenager in the throes of some drama due to a relationship. I used to hear it all the time with my friends and even some in my family. “Sure, I’m 17 and pregnant. He doesn’t have a job and is dropping out of High School. But love conquers all!”

I’m sorry to tell you this, if you haven’t figured it out already, but love doesn’t conquer all. Love doesn’t pay the bills, feed the kids (or cats, or dogs, or guinea pigs), nor does it take care of any of the material needs of life. It’s a lofty proposition to say that everything will be okay because you still now how to love.

I’m not knocking on love, though. Don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely in love with my wife and I love her like I have not loved anyone in my life. The love I feel from her and the love I feel for her makes unpalatable things go down smoother. It makes long days wither away into the past when I get home. It eases heartache and brightens days.

But it doesn’t pay the bills, get me accepted into prestigious universities, nor does it keep the pets fed.

Some people may take this the wrong way and say that this outlook on life takes away from the hope and meaning that many people find in love. That’s okay. It’s okay because it’s not my intent to do that and I don’t think that a little dose of reality can hurt. If you’re a teenager, it’s hard to see the future, and it’s even harder to differentiate between love and lust.

Neither love nor lust conquer all. Love may conquer a bad day or a terrible loss. Lust may conquer boredom. Neither pay the bills. So can you see what the main thesis of this blog post is?

You have to work. That’s the moral of the story.



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