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Music to run to

We all know that running is better with music. It is for me, that’s for sure. But, while some like high-beat, fast-paced music, I feel just as good with music of any type. For example, “Dustbowl Dance” by Mumford & Sons starts off slowly then gets wicked fast and strong at the end, helping me ease into a good pace:


Once I’m in a good place pace-wise, I like something cheery and with a good beat. Something like Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’s “Up and Away” (featuring June):


In fact, a collaboration that CSWS did with Lindsey Stirling is my “Summer Anthem”:


It’s the song that I love to jog to because it reminds me of my wife and I going to the Bahamas on a cruise last year (and, hopefully, again this year).

Of course, if I’m feeling like I’m lagging, and I really want to get a little more pumped up, I turn to faster beats, like “Savior” by Rise Against:


Or Foo Fighter’s “All My Life”:


Or even Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”:


And then there are those days when I don’t feel like listening to music and really want to zone out and forget that I’m running, jogging, or even walking. Those days I just turn on the radio app in my phone and listen to a podcast, National Public Radio, or even ESPN.

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