My Flu Talk

I gave a 30 minute talk about influenza to a group of sanitarians the other day. The conference was held at Ft. Meade, a military installation. The story I tell at the beginning really did happen… I almost didn’t make it.

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  1. Great presentation, Ren. I like how you repeated the questions posed by the audience members as the audio was faintly heard. Nice touch about the bizarre *symptoms* (walking backwards and speaking with an Australian accent), used as a publicity shtick a few years back.


      1. The Desiree Jennings “case” is what brought me to science blogs. I keyed in her name to get more information about her “case” and located Respectful Insolence. I “lurked” there for a number of months before I posted my first comments…the start of my brilliant career of commenting on other science blogs. 🙂


        1. It was my writing about it and Orac’s linking to my (now defunct) blog that made me step into the anti-vaccine wars. Orac has really brought a lot of us together.


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