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Three years later

It was a day like today, three years ago, that I married my lovely wife. It was very similar weather, actually… Bright sunshine, clear skies, and temperatures in the 70s. In fact, it was so sunny that a couple of her bridesmaids got sunburned. It was a really beautiful day from beginning to end.

Wedding Party
The junior bridesmaid didn’t seem to burn. I wonder why?

To say that these three years of marriage have been good is an understatement. They’ve been great. My wife has been supportive, caring, loving, and everything in between. (And I’ve tried to be the same… I hope I have.) These have been three years of incredible challenges and changes. In these three years, my wife has been working on a master’s degree (her second), and I’ve been working to get into a doctoral program.
In these three years, we bought a house together, moved in together, and have been turning that house into a home.
In these three years, we’ve gotten to know what love and compromise are all about to resolve our differences and work through problems together.
Perhaps the best thing about these three years (and, really, since the moment I met my wife) has been her support for everything I do and (almost) every crazy idea I’ve come up with. To have a “partner in crime” like her makes life more palatable.
Happy anniversary, love of my life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wedding photo.

    “The junior bridesmaid didn’t seem to burn. I wonder why?”

    Good genes?

    Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely wife.



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