Trip to The Bahamas (2012)

[section][row][span size=’5′][slab_h5][slabtext]”A vacation is [/slabtext][slabtext]what you take when [/slabtext][slabtext]you can no longer take[/slabtext][slabtext] what you’ve been taking.”[/slabtext][slabtext] – Earl Wilson[/slabtext][/slab_h5][/span][span size=’3′][h4_style]Ah, The Bahamas![/h4_style]My lovely wife and I took a quick vacation to the Bahamas in 2012. It was only three days, but the memories will last a lifetime. The weather was nice. The people were great. And the food was delicious. However, what we both have agreed was the best part of the trip were the naps. We had a room deep in the belly of the cruise ship. The white noise from the engines and the lack of traffic outside our door made sleep divine.

Here are some pictures from that trip, including some of Nassau, Bahamas, the cruise ship, and some snorkeling we did at Coco Cay, a private island used by the cruise ship company.[/span][/row][/section]

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