“Just Not That Kind”

She kept on swirling her coffee well beyond the point where the everything mixed together. The concept of time was foreign to her on that morning, especially after all that happened the previous night. “Forget about it,” she whispered to herself. Her mind told her to let it go because it would be better that way. Still, she couldn’t let it go. The sound of his voice and the look on his face when Karen told him she wasn’t alone was more than Karen wanted to think about that morning before work. And then, when Leo came out of her bathroom to the sight of Gary at the door.

Gary looked like he wanted to die.

Karen really did love Gary. He was a good guy, with a good job, and he was going places. Leo was just a friend. It was all a misunderstanding. Leo came over and things got out of hand. That was all. Karen told herself over and over again that the rumors about her were not true. She really didn’t sleep around. She just wasn’t that kind. “Stupid,” Karen whispered just before she took her first sip of coffee.

A few minutes later, as she had managed to lose herself in some other thought, Karen’s phone began vibrating in her pocket. She grabbed it and looked at the screen. Her heart skipped a beat, and she began to feel flushed. A wide smile adorned her face. “Hello?” she said into the phone. Right at that moment, Leo walked out of her room, naked, hungry. Karen looked over at the naked man standing at the doorway to her room. “Listen,” she said into the phone, “right now… It’s not a good time to talk. Friday night? I don’t know. I’ll check… Yeah, yeah… I will…” The man on the line then asked something. “Look, I’ll call you later, okay, Mike?” Karen replied. “I’m busy right now.”

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