Video of the day: Dis Raps for Hire, S2 E2 (Mature Content)

I’ve been listening to Epic Lloyd’s Dis Raps since the very beginning. He takes letters from fans and “disses” someone in rap fashion. In this episode, he disses two people who decide to make fun of a friend who comes out of the closet to them. It contains some mature language, so try not to play it too loud at the office.



  1. Not shocking at all…but then I opened the video sitting at my dining room table.

    It’s hard to believe that there are some young people who are still uncomfortable…and downright mean-spirited when it comes to homosexuality.


    1. They get it from their parents and grandparents. And from being kids. Everyone who stood out just one bit, for whatever reason, was likely to be mocked by the tribe… I mean, gang.


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