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More housekeeping: Comments Section

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like the way the comments section was looking. So I fixed it up a bit. First, I did away with the comment form that came with this template and replaced it (with some tweaks) with the default WordPress theme’s (“Twentytwelve”) comment form. Next, I got rid of the nested comments. There are a couple of posts that get a lot of comments, and anything beyond three nested comments (replies to replies) looked rather ugly.

Now, all comments are in sequential order, and you’ll have to scroll down to see the newest comments. I was thinking of having the newest comments at the very top of the comments section, but that will still mean that you’ll have to scroll down to follow the conversation. With the oldest comments at the bottom, you can catch up on the conversation as you go. Finally, all the comments are numbered, so you can reply to a comment by writing “@ Person in comment #” or something. Be creative.

I’m working on giving each comment it’s own link so you can reference them in the future. Also, I’m open to suggestions/comments on what works and what doesn’t on this blog. It’s my blog, but you’re my readers. I want you to be comfortable reading here.

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  1. Well, I *AM* a fan of threading in comments or e-mail. But, I’ll deal. Your blog, your rules. But, I’ve been present for ugly but works logic and math prevailing upon the otherwise lousy day and made it quite bright and no longer dreary.

    Aside from that and utterly OT, I’ve long been a fan of microscopic examination, but have zip for college level learning on stains. Can you recommend good texts on the various stains used, their context, etc? As well as HOW they work, for that knowledge is key of the working and advancement of science.
    While, for me, it would be a hobby, it would be quite interesting, absorbing and I might even manage to screw up and give science a new rung on the ladder of advancement. 🙂


    1. I’m also a fan of threading, and I’ll bring it back once I can make it manageable on the site’s theme.

      As for your book request, I have a couple of microbiology books from my college days that cover everything from Gram’s to Acid-fast staining. Let me dig them up and see if they’re in decent shape. We can do a book trade if you have any good novels laying around.


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