Lazy Cat

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One thought on “Lazy Cat

  1. Lazy cat = Sleeping dogs left where they lay. 😉

    Otherwise, well socialized animals would still renovate the furniture arrangement for their pleasure in a game of tag.
    Annoying to come home to the results in progress, totally cool watching the game in progress on a day off.
    In spite of the wife’s incessant carping of the furniture out of place.

    Here’s an image I greatly regret not placing on my server RAID drives, a kitten beard on a pitbull barreling through the house with the biggest “doggie grin” ever saw in the universe, the beard being attached by the adopted kitten’s claws to her jowls.
    I heard the noise, saw it, saw it go back and forth in fun, came back down with the camera. Only to lose it to a hard drive crash. 😦
    The most humorous human in history would’ve felt mirth over that image!


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