Tired dog and her toy

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2 thoughts on “Tired dog and her toy

  1. I miss two of my dogs the most, Brandy, the pitbull and Coyote, the Dutch Shepherd.
    Coyote was the smartest dog I ever met, my standing joke is that he did my taxes for me. I’m not unsure that he could if I had asked him, he’d most certainly have enjoyed representing me successfully at an IRS audit. 😉
    Then, there was Brandy. Both the most cowardly dog in canine history and also the biggest face licker on the planet. She was well socialized before we rescued her and even more so after we nursed her back to health when we rescued her.
    Apparently, a neighbor up the street had ran off from her rented house after her “old man” went to prison, abandoning the dog and two cats. The rental home property owner put the animals on the street, with witnesses quoting him as saying, “They’re not my damned animals”.
    So, I arrived home after duty, driving down the street and seeing what at first glance seemed to be a dog dying of cancer, staggering and weaving down the street, but moving out of the way of my vehicle on the one way street.
    As I approached, I realized that she was a young and horrifically emaciated dog, her spine appeared two inches above her normal back line!
    It happened to be my wife’s birthday, she had also noticed the dog laboring along, gave her some scraps and loads of water while we awaited the arrival of the Philadelphia SPCA. They arrived three days later…
    A few looks from that dog won the hearts over of all and my wife, who normally hates dogs with a passion, begged me to keep her.
    She was put down a couple of months ago, after becoming quite senile, incontinent and anorexic due to cancer.
    Our eldest daughter took her in when I deployed for a half decade, then brought my wife to the far theater (where it was safer than it was at home). She then kept her when we returned home, as her family was quite used to her company.
    If you recall my praise of the Dutch Shepherd’s intelligence, you’ll note that she was the absolutely dumbest dog I ever met. Never learned how to catch, retrieve, roll over, barely learned how to sit/stay. But, she had a winning personality that won over our cats quickly, even one rather feral one, who was cared for by that un-fearsome pitbull when said kitten had nearly frozen to death in an alley.
    It was quite a sight, seeing the dog run about the house gleefully, relocating furniture along the way, with a brand new kitten beard. With the kitten gleefully clawed into the dog’s jowls during play.
    But, aside from the dog running joyfully with the kitten clamped to her jowls, another common sight was that pitbull stopping eating to see who was stealing her food, then going back and accepting the cats stealing some of her dry dog food.

    Wow, but I really miss my long departed and not so long departed friends and family members. All were rescued, all were fiercely loyal. Even to the point of one cat defending my wife from three burglars one night while I was out shopping.
    But, that is another story.


    1. I’m going to be a mess when my dog dies. I try not to think about it, but it’s going to happen… And it’s going to be sad.


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