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Starting all over again for the very first time

None of us was born running, unless we are clones raised in vats of some gooey liquid. We were born pretty much helpless. Little by little, the connections in our nerves continued to mature and we started crawling, then standing up while holding on to things, and then walking. Those first few days, walking was a challenge, from what I’ve been told. (I don’t remember learning to walk.) Once the walking part was learned, I started running. This was a process, and it took some time.

Next Tuesday, I start the process of becoming a Doctor of Public Health. It’s a process that should take about four years, give or take… More like give, from what I’ve heard. Maybe it will be less, especially since I’m going full-time, quit my full-time job and have everything in place to be able to dive completely into my studies… Anyway, it should be a process that will take some time, like walking.

I remember I once tried to learn how to play the piano, but I was annoyed by having to learn one note at a time. I was restless and annoyed. I wanted to play a full-on concerto on my third lesson. That right there is one of my weaknesses when it comes to learning. I get restless and I want to run before I can walk, academically speaking.

So I was looking at my schedule of classes and the order in which I need to take those classes. They all build-up the DrPH in me little by little. (Admittedly, some of the classes will be refreshers for me because of all the work I did as an Epi at the health dept.) It’s going to be interesting to see me back in school, learning again. The last time I tried taking an honest-to-goodness class was back in 2007, when I finished my MPH. I did well.

I hope it goes just as well this time around.

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