I’m on the move again

Someone once told me that starting a workout program was no big deal. They had done it a thousand times. I agree, it’s not hard to start something like an exercise program. It’s hard to stay on it. Since Monday, I’ve gone to the gym at school twice. I have convinced myself that I am wasting my time just sitting around after class or between classes instead of going to the really nice facilities we have on the ninth floor. The view is really nice as well. You can see all the way to the inner harbor on a clear day.

I remember being in the third or fourth grade and my cousin, the oldest of the cousins, giving me a “running plan”. He was a big track and field star in high school and even had a scholarship for it to college. All I had to do the first day was run two laps around the block where I lived. I was done by the first block. In fact, running anything more than would be required for a soccer game was something I hated up until about 2003. That year, I used running to exorcise some really bad demons, so to speak. The peace I gained when running into the fifth or sixth mile on a lonely trail could not be compared with anything else.

I’ve been running less in the last few months for a myriad of reasons. But I hope to get back at it soon and up my milage. My wife has been getting some runs in and she hopes to be able to run a half marathon some time next year. It would be great if we could run it together. The one 5k race that we ran together ended with her spitting water in my chest. (It would have been my face if she were taller, or I were shorter.) I told her I was proud of her for finishing, and that I didn’t think she could do it… Totally wrong choice of words.

Anyway, I’m finishing up some edits to the blog and to this blog post, and then I’ll hit the gym before tonight’s leadership class. I hear there’s going to be pizza, so I need to make some caloric room.

Today: Physically 8/10, Mentally 8/10