“Will the snow ever end?”

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2 thoughts on ““Will the snow ever end?”

  1. Lucky you, for having a decent amount of snow already. We only got one-half inch of the white stuff last night, while I had steaks on the outdoor grill.

    More (about 3 inches) is predicted for tomorrow during daylight hours. I felt cheated last year when all the snow fell during the night and I missed viewing the flakes through the glass patio doors.


    1. Yesterday, I pondered the first winter day that I’ve seen since I redeployed home two years ago.
      Well, that and clearing the crap out.
      As we were expecting freezing rain after, I elected to not bother, as the following day it was to rain and be 46.
      We missed the temperature number and rain, but it was warm enough to avoid shoveling snow.

      Of course, tomorrow, they’re calling for 3-5 inches of snow.


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