So how do you like it?

If you’ve been following my writings for a while (since about 2004), you know that I’m prone to change the style and design of my blogging sites often. I just find it “refreshing” to put out a new layout for it and for the readers to “rediscover” my writings. Then again, if you’re a subscriber, you get these posts in the mail and you don’t find it necessary to come over to the blog and read.

On the main page of the blog, at the very top, you’ll see a “carousel” of pictures of our pets. I plan to update it as I get more pictures of these furry creatures that are, for now, our children. Then you’ll see a listing of the latest posts, and then a few more goodies. I’ll keep adding more stuff as I come up with it.

In the meantime, please let me know if you find any bugs or are having problems with the new layout.

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