World Cup 2014 Playoffs Prediction: The Championship

I missed giving my predictions about the semi-finals. I thought Germany would win, but I never expected the 7-1 thumping of Brazil at Brazil, in the World Cup! So Germany moves on and they will face Argentina. Now, I did expect Argentina to win. The Netherlands just had way too many problems winning their previous games.

My prediction for the championship is thus:

Germany got through their group stage with relative ease, but not without complete problems. Their draw against Ghana and barely beating the United States (1-0) showed their weakness in the defense. Even the late goal by Brazil in the semi-final proved that they are vulnerable in the back. Argentina, with Messi up there can give them a lot of headaches.

On the other hand, Argentina won all their games in the group stage, but they did so wit the help from Messi. Without him, they probably would have never made it past Switzerland (1-0) or Belgium (1-0) or even the Netherlands (0-0, winning in penalty kicks). But it’s not like Germany have not squeaked by their games (going to overtime with Algeria and winning 1-0 against France, before the 7-1 thumping).

So who will win? The German soccer machine, a well-oiled and efficient one? Or Argentina’s ship in tumultuous weather with Messi at the helm?

My prediction is based more on gut than reason:

¡America para los americanos!

Never has a non-American team won the World Cup in the Americas. This time will not be the exception, and Argentina will take Germany to the brink.