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“Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic

This one goes out to all the people on the internet who get so riled up in their anger over things like immigration or vaccines that they forget that this is America, where we speak English.


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  1. I’ll not even begin to go into those who do not know the difference between a preposition and a proposition.
    It merely displays for all that they ain’t got no brunging up. 😉

    Still, we don’t speak *English* in the US, we speak American English. That is something substantially different from what is spoken in England.
    I happen to be fluent in both.
    Though, I do occasionally slip with writing about colour to US readers on occasion.


    1. And even within the United States there are different types of English. Still, I think it is important to at least write English properly. Writing well can help anyone move up in the world.


      1. Literacy was and remains of prime importance in our home.
        When our children were in school, despite two encyclopedia sets and several dictionaries, I was the go-to for English.
        Still, I couldn’t resist mangling the language when our eldest entered college.
        So, on her first day of college, we helped her set up her room and I proclaimed, after a bit of furniture movement, it was “more gooder”.
        Our daughter was aghast, as I always used proper English before. 😉


      2. Daughter is majoring in linguistics. She did not like the song at all, one reason is she is very aware of the different types of English in the USA.

        Though she was mostly upset that Yankovic did not do a parody on the abject sexism in the original song. She would have preferred something to counter misogyny and date rape themes rather than a pedantic rant on the grammar used on informal online discussion boards,

        Truthfully I had never heard of the original song until seeing this video (and I did cringe at the bit about checking with a linguist). Dear daughter did spend a few minutes on telling me all about it. Remember children in college, they are all to willing to educate their parents.


        1. I may be mistaken, as I’m not a big follower of Weird Al, but I don’t get the impression that he dives too much into activism like that, does he?


          1. No, he doesn’t. Which is what I told dear daughter. I think she understood.

            Though, as you may learn in the far future that young college students can be very opinionated. I vaguely remember that stage when I was twenty years old, and I do visibly blush when I think about some of the things I have said while “educating” others. “Vaguely” because those are bits of my youth I’d like to forget.


          2. We’ve raised our children, we helped them with their homework.
            One thing we learned over the years is that frequently, education can be a two way street. The educator can and will be educated by the student being educated.
            When I was an instructor in the military, I loved being corrected by a student. When, of course, the student was correct.


          3. Chris, I’m reminded of an old Mark Twain quote: “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” 🙂

            I remember being that way in my youth and remember seeing our children being that way. There are many levels of maturity one grows through as one experiences life.


          4. Exactly. The only reason I don’t throttle the darlings is because I actually remember being even more annoying!


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