Talking Tuesday: I Knew They Could Run, But I Didn’t Know They Could Fly



Some of you have been asking about my anti-anti-vaccine activism and why it’s not as prominent in my blog as it used to be. Others have been asking how I got started in fighting the disinformation. And others have asked when I’ll get back to fighting the good fight. The truth is that I never really stopped, I just toned it down a bit on this blog, but I’m still very much active on social media (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) and on other people’s blogs (like Todd W.‘s, Orac’s or Dr. Salzberg’s).

So allow me to tell you the story of how it all got started that fateful night in 2009 and how I found out that anti-vaccine people can get to be very, very angry and very, very vicious in their attacks.

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