Greetings from Texas

I’m heading back home today. It’s been a very interesting trip. A lot of open loops were closed, and I got to see people who mean a lot to me.

Dad turned 60, and he seemed very pleased that I came over to visit him, even if it was just the weekend. I wish the distance wasn’t so great between us, but he and mom raised me with the desire to go to new places and learn new things. They taught me to care for others and work on making the world a better place. So I’m hundreds of miles away doing that, and I’ll probably go thousands of miles more once the DrPH is earned.

But there are plenty of planes, trains, and automobiles to always go “home”; be it Nebraska, where my mother and siblings are; Chihuahua, where my dad is; or — as I do today — Pennsylvania, where the love of my life and my heart are.

Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa, Texas
Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa, Texas


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