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Talking Tuesday: Why I run




A lot of people ask me why I put myself through the pain and agony of running five miles, ten miles, or a half/full marathon. To them, it seems like I’m losing the battle against my weight, so why bother? Why not just try some pill or something to lose the weight? Well, running is not all about losing the weight. It has other benefits as well, as I explain to you in this very short Talking Tuesday podcast.

You can also download the audio file by clicking here.

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René F. Najera, DrPH

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  1. I have issues with my feet. Even when I was twenty years old a pair of what were supposed to be good walking shoes screwed up my knees (runner’s knee). I recently bought a pair of walking shoes that made my feet go to sleep, even when I was driving! So I have always been careful, and buy good supportive inserts for my walking and very practical (low heel) dress shoes*.

    So I swim. When I can get to the pool I try to do at least 1500 yards in an hour (over five hundred with the evil kick-board). If I have time I try to get up to 2000 yards. And when I can’t get to the pool when there is lap swim time (public pool, they schedule classes, family swims, etc), I go for walks and take a ride on my bike.

    My hubby and I often take walks together. We look at changes in our neighborhood, go down through the wetlands area by the very large lake that forms our city’s eastern boundary, and pick up groceries. I don’t bike with him though, except when we are going to picnic at a park. He goes too fast now. He started to get very serious about cycling after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic, With the added exercise he has brought down his insulin levels. So no meds for him!

    * Early in our marriage hubby talked me into very high heels. Not only did I fall off of them, but they really hurt, plus mucked up both my knees and back! I came very close to throwing those shoes at his head. Instead I just quietly gave them away at a clothing drive.


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