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I went out and took some pictures of the Moon

It’s been a while since I took pictures of the Moon. Last time I did it, it was with my cellphone through a telescope. This time, it was with a dSLR camera and a telephoto lens:

I also took a video:

I still don’t understand how people can look at the Moon and not be amazed by it. I’m also confused as to why our elected leaders are making it so hard for us to get off this rock and go to places like the Moon or Mars or beyond.

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René F. Najera, DrPH

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  1. Nice, Ren. I really love the detail you picked up on those craters to the lower left, near the light/dark border. Very nice. When you took a pic with your ‘scope and cell phone, how’d you go about it? Just put the camera lens up to the viewport?


    1. Yep. Just held it there as steady as I could. I got an adapter for my DSLR, so I’ll be up late tonight taking pictures with it on the telescope.


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