Talking Tuesday: Jumper Cables



I know that I’m late. Calm down. We’re not going to blow any holes in the fabric of space and time if we’re late by a couple of days.

In this week’s “Talking Tuesday” podcast, I sit in my Jeep and tell you about past and present troubles with cars. A quick six-minute monologue inside the Jeep as I wait for my wife to come rescue me.

Download here.

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  1. Yay for AAA. We had to call them twice this year (once per car) for a dead battery. The battery in the van was dead, so the AAA guy sold me a battery and installed it there.

    I have changed tires on two of our cars, but since I am pushing sixty I just feel like it anymore. So I called them to help me get the spare out and on (especially since the spare was in a very awkward place compared to the other two cars).


      1. Pay the little extra to get another card, especially if you still have to commute to Baltimore. Spouse and I each have one. Though when the battery in his car died I was able to get mine out quicker.


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