Your comments are welcomed, but…

At the very top of this blog, on either side, you’ll see a couple of icons. The icon on the left opens a menu that shows to you a variety of pages present on this blog. On the right, the icon there opens a series of menus where you can search for terms on the blog, look at past posts and comments, etc. On both those menus, you will see an opportunity to read the “Comments and Privacy Policy” page. On that page, the first paragraph reads as follows:

“There is a simple rule to commenting on this blog: Keep it clean. In other words, don’t attack, don’t curse, don’t libel (or slander?), and don’t be mean. Your comment will never be approved if you take that course of action. Instead, be insightful, open-minded, and back up any claims of fact you make with some good evidence.”

If you read this blog, then it is safe to say that you have an understanding of the English language, and you understand what is being asked of you on that paragraph. It’s a very, very, very simple rule. I’m not asking you to bend over backwards to comment. Just keep it clean.

Unfortunately, I seem to have picked up a troll that continues to try and comment and violate that rule. Just this morning, he commented this:

“You are nothing but a Pharma funded Blog,that’s pushing Pharma products! You have sold your soul, for Pharma dollars. UK cochrane collaboration, found that the inactivated flu vaccine is worthless! The only studies, that even showed any kind of benefit, were those done by the manufacturers them selves.  The Idiots at the CDC, allowed 6 times the antigens to be put into the flu vaccine for the elderly.    It was found, to only give a couple of weeks of so called protection,the CDC  them selves said that the vaccine was only giving less than 10 percent benefit.     That friend, is a perfect example of fools Gold.      They did however notice, that the flu vaccine did cause the elderly to die earlier.  The US. GAO’s office,put out a statement, that the CDC might be misleading the public by their yearly report that 36,000 people die every year from the flu.   They (the GAO) pointed out, that the CDC was including all the elderly that died from repository failure in that year, as though they had died of flu.     Corrupt! to their very core of their being!   A girl friend of my daughter,now has Bells Palsy, thanks to a recently given flu vaccine.”

Right off the bat, the commenter violated the rule. This is not a “Pharma funded Blog”. The only funding I receive is from my own work at a clinical lab, a scholarship by a lovely couple (husband and wife) who believe in the work that I do and will do in public health, and student loans. If anything, I pay “Big Pharma” when I get sick and need medication.

The rest of the comment is common anti-vaccine lies and half-truths. (I won’t even comment on the overuse of commas throughout.) I’d just like to tell the commenter — and anyone who is thinking of commenting in a similar fashion — that their comments will be sent to the trash folder, and they will not be able to comment at all on this blog until and unless those comments follow the one simple rule of keeping it clean.

And what the hell is “repository failure”?

3 thoughts on “Your comments are welcomed, but…

  1. The repository failure (sic) is probably intended to be respiratory failure, but was the victim of the spiel cracker, erm, spell checker. 😉
    Though, I have had repository failures, the administrators diligently bringing the software repository back online after a software or hardware failure occurred.
    Still, gotta love the talking points that are entirely devoid of facts. When pulling numbers from one’s rectum, those are not facts, they’re instead simply excrement. Case in point, the 10% efficacy claim, which is beyond abysmally wrong.
    The actual efficacy, as I recall, floats around a bit, by at worst case, is 40% efficacy for the influenza vaccine. Part of that is due to the virus being really, really sloppy in reproducing itself, hence inducing mutations rapidly. Part is due to variations in human immune systems.
    But, 40% efficacy beats 0% efficacy of not getting the vaccine.
    Meanwhile, some years the vaccine has hit 60% efficacy.
    Seat belts do not have 100% efficacy in saving a motor vehicle occupant’s life in a crash. But, using one and having a pelvic fracture beats the hell out of trying to fit inside of my steering wheel or kissing the windshield at high speed!


  2. You reminded me of a youtube video of a cessna crash that I once saw. The pilot had an ipad on the controls. After the crash, you see him walking away with blood pouring out of his mouth. He had a broken jaw, but was otherwise fine. Someone then commented that he “tasted the ipad without opening his mouth.”


  3. 40% is pretty dang good when you consider they’re try to hit a moving target. I used to give misinformed people, like your friendly troll, a little bit of slack since it is a complex topic. But you know what? The complexity of the nonsense garbage they come up with as “evidence” makes the actual science look elementary!


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