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So what am I?

I really don’t understand people sometimes. Check that… I really don’t understand people most of the time. I specially don’t understand the need for labels. Yes, I label people at times, mostly “antivaxxers.” But I label them because that’s what they are. If they are against vaccines, then they’re “antivaxxers,” plain and simple. I stay away from labels like “idiots” or “morons,” or worse. It’s hard to do sometimes.

What I don’t understand is when people label me as a “liberal” or a “conservative” when they don’t even know me. They do so based on something I write, some comment I make, or something I send out to the world via social media. On the subject of guns, if I say that parents with small children in the household should put their guns in a safe place or use gun locks, then I’m being a liberal. If I then say that the government should take away guns (i.e. property) without due process, then I’m being a conservative. And then, if I say that there are twice the number of suicides as there are homicides and that most of those are done via firearm — and that people with mental health problems should have their access to firearms restricted — then I’m being a liberal.

On the subject of abortion. If I say that we need to work to have better alternatives to abortion, then I’m being a conservative. If I say that the relationship between a woman and her physician is sacred and that the government should not be messing with it, then I’m being a liberal… Unless I’m talking about Obamacare, then having bureaucrats in Washington messing with doctor-patient relationships is wrong, and I’m a conservative. Then I say that it will always be my wife’s choice to do with her own body what she wants and I’m a liberal.

On vaccines, if I say that all children using public education should be vaccinated with only legitimate medical exemptions being allowed, I’m being a liberal. Then I turn it around and say that the government is not the best means to make sure everyone is vaccinated and that effective public health discussions and guidance from knowledgeable physicians is better, then I get called a conservative.

I’m neither, guys. I’m all over the goddamned political spectrum. I’m not a capitalist because I believe that we should keep as much of the money that we make as we can. I’m not a socialist because I believe that whatever taxes we do pay should be used to bring the poor out of poverty. Likewise, I’m not a religious zealot because I follow a religion, and I’m not an atheist because I think science trumps belief.

I mean, Jesus Christ! (Of Nazareth? Yes.) Before you go picking a fight with me on social media, or by posting some accusatory comment on my blog, read my entire body of work. Read it for comprehension if you must. I’m not this or that. Like most people in the world, I am multidimensional and complex, sometimes too complex for my own good. So lay off, will you?

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René F. Najera, DrPH

I'm a Doctor of Public Health, having studied at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
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  1. People tend to practice labeling other people, to categorize them in their minds. It helps them build a mental model of reality.
    The problem is, people are by nature, incredibly complicated. Well, save for the simple people. 😉
    For, I’ve read a *lot* of your works. I find you a liberal-conservative-middle of the road kind of guy, just as I am, although in different ways.
    Humans cannot be painted with a wide brush, the details are phenomenally complex.

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    1. Indeed. Just listening to some of the lectures on human behavior that my wife listened to for her counseling degree hurts my head. Even mental health disorders can’t be neatly classified into one group or another, making their treatment a puzzle.


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