You’ve gotta keep moving, ’cause there’s no other way but forward

“Even when the rain falls down / Even when the light seems like it’s fading / Even when your heart aches, feels like it’s gonna break / That’s when you sing out loud” — “Shine Like Lightning” by Drew Holcomb

I had a bad day today, so I went for a run as soon as I got home. The temperature outside was below freezing, with a slight wind. Many parts of my mind told me to forget about going out. They said that I should just grab some food and sit on the couch. “It’s cold,” they said. “You don’t like the cold.”

Yeah, but I really needed to clear my head, and very few things clear my head like a good run.

I don’t know why I stop running for so long at a time. So I’m going to try again to string some runs together, clear my head some more, maybe lose some weight. Because I’m no good to the world if I’m carrying around too much baggage, or too much fat.

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