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Why I won’t be live-tweeting “The Vaccine War” from Frontline on PBS

There are not “two sides” when it comes to vaccines. Vaccines save lives. Period.

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René F. Najera, DrPH

I'm a Doctor of Public Health, having studied at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.
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  1. First, there is no such thing as fairness in a war. All military actions are designed to be unfair to the opponent, the opponent does the same.
    Fortunately, this isn’t a real war, it’s a war of words and shenanigans (for one side). It’s a war of bullshit on rye being called a Reuben sandwich vs science, facts and well repeated experimentation. In short, bullshit vs science.
    With shenanigans thrown in by the unfactual side. Where the non-factual followers of bovine defecation seek to physically attack or attack the employment of the one following fact and reason.
    Please excuse the venting of spleen, but a few months back, I had two threats. One actor actually sent me my physical address and a threat to visit my home to cause me harm. That didn’t end well, as the individual then learned of the SAEDA program and title 18, as well as a explanation that I could have engaged him at any point from that point onward, with no punitive effects, courtesy of the Patriot Act. A few other things were explained to that man, as men in suits talked at him. There was no conversation.
    The other sought my employment, but missed the target widely, as I haven’t updated my online resume for a very good reason. Once my resume is updated, APT activity is inevitable. I’m currently busy enough, so I’ll avoid that risk.

    So, I applaud your non-participation, as there are no real sides. There is fact and false Reuben sandwiches.
    I far prefer real Reuben sandwiches and even more, facts. Reubens tend to raise my already astronomic cholesterol.
    So, a Reuben, please! And hold the statins. Rhabdo sucks.* :/

    *As you said, Rene, my wife and I are medical train wrecks. But, as much as life can suck at times, it beats the alternative. At least, none of my buddies who died haven’t come back to tell me how great death is, only living people have suggested it was so.
    I honestly don’t think that they have my best interests at heart.


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