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Someone doesn’t get it

There’s this fantastic internet troll who keeps trying to get comments through on this blog. He changes email addresses, then IP addresses, then user names. Thing is, all first-time comments need to be approved before any subsequent comments are automatically posted. So the joke is on him.


Three comments in a matter of hours?

It has always amazed me that people think that the comments section of a post is an invitation for them to bloviate and spread their lies. This particular troll wrote an 1,154-word comment to kick things off this morning. That was longer than the post where he commented. That’s insane!

There was no value to his comments. They were full of conspiracy theories, outright lies, accusations, and insults. So I’m not allowing it. (That, and I’ve already warned him before that his comments are not welcomed here.)



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  1. I had one serve up word salad, but also include in the midst of it “The FDA is concerned about DNA in vaccines”, her because being some odd concern about various cell lines DNA getting into our cells and turning oncogenes. Thoroughly ignoring basic cellular biology, barriers to DNA magically entering a cell intact and managing to function. Ignoring fragmentary DNA isn’t a virus.
    And of course, going at great length.

    Honestly, I was feeling like I was trying to educate ELIZA.


    1. He’s been commenting about once a day since I wrote this. It all goes to spam. He keeps asking me if I’m afraid of “the other side”. If he means antivaxxers, then, no, I’m not afraid. If he means the afterlife, then, no, I’m not afraid. If he means Canada, then, yes, I’m scared (bleep)less.


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