Catching lightning in a bottle (or a photograph)

I’ve been trying for a while to catch a good shot of lightning, and I finally achieved it last night. It took a lot of playing around with the camera’s settings, but I finally did it last night. It came it really good, and I’m hoping for more thunderstorms tonight to try it again.

Here it is:

Taken May 31, 2015

Taken May 31, 2015

  One thought on “Catching lightning in a bottle (or a photograph)

  1. Wzrd1
    June 1, 2015 at 18:01

    I called my wife from work last night to ask where my kite was.
    She said Bennie had it.
    That SOB’s been trouble ever since he ran away from apprenticeship on me!
    Now, I get to see him leer at me on a $100 bill.


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