Talking Tuesday: Norovirus


If you have ever had Norovirus, then you will remember it for a while. Let me tell you about it, and tell you to wash your hands once, twice, and three times. Listen to this, then go wash your hands.

If you want to download the mp3 file, click here.

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  1. No need to weaponize norovirus, it’s weapon enough as it is. Most biological agents cause illness, malaise and mild incapacitation.
    Indeed, if norovirus could be made stable in an open environment, it’d be an ideal biological weapon.

    And yes, I’ve contracted the virus in the past. A couple of really, really unfun days.
    You know it’s bad when you consider just staying on the toilet with a bucket in front of you 24/7.


  2. I hereby ask that you do the narwhal song.

    And, I’m pretty sure I had noro a number of years ago after a big family gathering, when a cousin brought their sick kid along. A couple days later, several of us were sick, and I had the misfortune of falling ill a few hours after dinner at a friend’s house. Not fun.


    1. I remember getting it in high school. My aunt made buttered mushrooms on pasta just as I was starting to feel it. I haven’t been able to eat a combination of those since.


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