Playing fetch with a big, dumb, lovable dog

I went out to the lake near the house to get the dog tired. She’s been very active inside the house, probably because the weather has been so nice. She probably wants to chase all the rabbits that run around the yard, too. So we went to the lake and I threw the ball for her a few times. There is a particular place by the lake with a steep incline, so the ball travels farther and she has to work harder to run back to me. Well, after a few back-and-forths, she decided that she had enough. She took that ball and ran into the lake to drink some water and cool off.

I love this big, dumb, lovable dog. She has been with us for five years, bringing us 99% good times and the occasional headache when she decides to eat something she shouldn’t, clean a cat, or lose her bowel control in the living room.

Here’s a video of the whole “I’m going into the lake whether you like it or not” incident. I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Well, that’s better than the pit bull that we rescued. She was nearly starved to death when we found her, I designed a diet that wouldn’t harm her as she began eating again, as excess protein can cause problems if introduced too soon. I never saw so many fleas on an animal in my entire life!
    But, I’d throw a ball and she’d just look at the ball and me in confusion.


  2. I have learned over the years that trying to keep a German shepherd out of a body of water is an exercise in futility.


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