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Is someone out there listening?

Talking Tuesday on a Friday: June Update!

A few minutes where I catch you up on the craziness around me. Nothing bad, mostly good... Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoy it.

Podcast: October 2016 Update

Yeah, yeah... It's been a while. I missed you too. Here's 12 minutes of me catching you up on what happened this summer with dad getting cancer, me picking up cycling and swimming, and taking some exams. Also, there is something about Puerto Rico and Zika in there. As always, you can just download it ...

Talking Tuesday: Spanish Interview on Flu Edition

Back in 2010, right before the flu season started, the bosses at the health department allowed me to do an interview with an AM radio station out of Washington, DC. The interviewer was awesome, and she really did a good job of asking pertinent questions and keeping my answers in line. It was a great opportunity to practice public speaking and speaking in Spanish. Although it is my first language, sometimes I forget some of its conventions. I've speaking English too long, I guess.

Talking Tuesday: Catch-Up Edition

The best kinds of friends are those who you can lose contact with for months and then catch-up with quickly over some coffee or hot tea or hot chocolate... Or a beer. In this episode, I try to catch-up with you after being gone a while.

Talking Tuesday, On A Saturday, In A Blizzard

What else was I going to do while I waited out the great Northeast Blizzard of 2016 but do a podcast? And what is a better way to do it than to invite a couple of friends to chat with? I used a new app called ZCastĀ to record a chat with Briana Morgan and Craig ...

Talking Tuesday: Norovirus

If you have ever had Norovirus, then you will remember it for a while. Let me tell you about it, and tell you to wash your hands once, twice, and three times. Listen to this, then go wash your hands. If you want to download the mp3 file, click here.

Talking Tuesday: My Spanish is not very pretty these days

Growing up, mom used to make me speak English well or Spanish well, but never both. I thought I spoke good Spanish, until I came to Colombia. My Spanish is different, and, in translating a document from English to Spanish, I learned my written Spanish needs a lot of work.

Talking Tuesday: Hello from Barranquilla!

A few minutes where I tell you about my first impressions of Barranquilla, Colombia. It appears that traffic signs are merely suggestions. As always, you can download the episode by clicking here.

Talking Tuesday: Hello, Summer!

  Ah, summer is finally here, and I can relax for just a little bit before I am sent off to a far away land to do some epidemiological stuff. Let me tell you all about it in about five minutes time. As always, you can download the episode here, or subscribe to it on ...

Talking Tuesday: Checking In

    Yes, I know that it's not Friday and that I haven't been keeping up with the podcast. Here's why... You can download the podcast by clicking here.