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When You Need A Win

I’ve been in a funk lately. I’ve been grumpy and short-fused with people I care a lot about. I’ve been even worse to people I don’t care for. The reason for this is simple, and it’s something that I’ve seen coming every year right around this time. I’m not going […]

Like riding a bike

The last time I rode a bike was ten years ago when my brother and I participated in an adventure race. (Yeah, I rode it a couple of times after that, but it was during the race that I rode it the most. I didn’t ride again after that summer.) So […]

Fitness Friday: Managing Stress

My brother in-law is a fitness junkie. If there is some way out there to get healthy and stay healthy, he knows it. So I was surprised when he asked several of us for any recommendations on books about handling stress. It’s not that he doesn’t know about it. He […]

The complicated lives of men

Men. We’re so strong and so weak at the same time. We laugh in the face of danger and yet cower away to the corner when life gets rough. We’re expected to live through things that make us sad and depressed and still put up a smile. Although we don’t […]

America is fat because…

When I got to the metro the other day, there were several people waiting for the elevator. I found this odd because we were on the second floor. The first floor, which leads across the way to the metro station, is only twenty steps down. All three of them were […]