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Red Dawn

I'm not much of a morning person, but waking up early to see this was worth it. Look at those primary colors!


Colombia, Addendum #2: Morning at the zoo

I have mixed feelings when I go to zoos. On the one hand, I'm in awe at the different kinds of animals there that I would never get to see in the wild if zoos didn't exist. On the other hand, those animals are meant to be free in their own habitats. The fact that we need zoos to protect some of those species is what makes me the saddest. Still, I took some pictures and got to enjoy a respite from the heat while walking around the Barranquilla Zoo this morning.

Catching lightning in a bottle (or a photograph)

I've been trying for a while to catch a good shot of lightning, and I finally achieved it last night. It took a lot of playing around with the camera's settings, but I finally did it last night. It came it really good, and I'm hoping for more thunderstorms tonight to try it again. Here ...

Test Image

Don't mind this post. It's just a test.

Picture of the day: Kids on a bike in Belize

I took this picture as my wife and I walked in downtown Belize City. These children were on a bike, just sitting there. The little girl waved at me as I snapped the picture. I love, love, love the amount of life they give off in their eyes. You can see the rest of the ...

Picture of the day: The Alpha Male

We met this little guy while in Roatán, Honduras. He is the alpha male of a small group of about 15 Capuchin monkeys on the island. They were given to a nature preserve when their owners couldn't take care of them. You can see the rest of the monkey pictures by clicking here.

And to all a good night…

Merry Christmas, everyone. Remember that this whole season is not about giving expensive gifts or things that people want. Give priceless gifts and things that people need. ¡Feliz Navidad a todos! Recuerden que estas fechas no son sobe dar regalos caros o cosas que la gente quiere. Den regalos invaluables y cosas que la gente ...