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“I’m still Superman!”

Life has a way of catching up with you and changing you. Sometimes, it changes you for the better. Other times, it takes away from you everything that made you who you are (or were). In either case, you need to remember and tell yourself and those things (or people) who rise against you that you are who you are and you are not to be messed with. There’s a reason you are here and now and will be around.

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Fitness Friday: Managing Stress

My brother in-law is a fitness junkie. If there is some way out there to get healthy and stay healthy, he knows it. So I was surprised when he asked several of us for any recommendations on books about handling stress. It’s not that he doesn’t know about it. He just wants to know how to communicate about stress with his personal training clients. The reason it surprised me is because any health program worth its salt should include classes on about stress and how to communicate with clients about it. After all, he went through a good program to be where he is. Like my brother-in-law, there are many other professionals in fitness and health that are looking for ways to address their clients’ entire wellbeing. It’s not all about being physically fit if you die from a heart attack from all the stress in your life. I was listening to Collin Cowherd on ESPN this morning, and he

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Talking Tuesday: Why I run




A lot of people ask me why I put myself through the pain and agony of running five miles, ten miles, or a half/full marathon. To them, it seems like I’m losing the battle against my weight, so why bother? Why not just try some pill or something to lose the weight? Well, running is not all about losing the weight. It has other benefits as well, as I explain to you in this very short Talking Tuesday podcast.

You can also download the audio file by clicking here.