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These are the blog posts that I have written about my adventures in running. I started running in 2003 after a very tumultuous period in my life. While I had played soccer since I was a teenager, running brought a whole different kind of challenge, a challenge that I have fully embraced. Since then, I’ve run one full marathon (Baltimore, 2005), several half-marathons, a ton of 5k, and one brutal adventure race (Rocky Gap, 2006).

Like riding a bike

The last time I rode a bike was ten years ago when my brother and I participated in an adventure race. (Yeah, I rode it a couple of times after that, but it was during the race that I rode it the most. I didn't ride again after that summer.) So I was feeling a little ...

Lincoln Marathon and Half Marathon. Done.

This last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting my brother in Lincoln, Nebraska, as we finished a months-long plan to run the Lincoln Marathon. (I would run the half. He would run the full marathon.) Mom and my little sister came along to cheer us on, so I got to see them as well. ...

Though the body yells, “Stop!” the spirit cries, “Never!”

I'll be attempting to run the Lincoln (Nebraska) marathon with my younger brother in about ten days, and, as is often the case with me and these things, I am not ready at all. The reason I am not ready is not because I don't want to be ready. I want very much to be ...

It felt so good to get out there!

I promised myself a mile today, and I did it... And it feels really, really good.

Baltimore Half Marathon (2015)

My wife and I ran (jogged,walked, crawled) a half marathon on a lovely Saturday morning. The weather was great, and so were the people along the course. I just need to be a little better trained for the next one, a few tweaks here and there.

“I’m still Superman!”

Life has a way of catching up with you and changing you. Sometimes, it changes you for the better. Other times, it takes away from you everything that made you who you are (or were). In either case, you need to remember and tell yourself and those things (or people) who rise against you that you are who you are and you are not to be messed with. There's a reason you are here and now and will be around.

Feeling the “Speed Force”

In one of the episodes of the television series "The Flash," the titular character gets a bomb strapped to his wrist and told to run. In a spoof of the movie "Speed," he is told that he must run very fast or the bomb goes off. As he is running at full speed around Central ...

You’ve gotta keep moving, ’cause there’s no other way but forward

"Even when the rain falls down / Even when the light seems like it's fading / Even when your heart aches, feels like it's gonna break / That's when you sing out loud" -- "Shine Like Lightning" by Drew Holcomb I had a bad day today, so I went for a run as soon as ...


Fitness Friday: Managing Stress

My brother in-law is a fitness junkie. If there is some way out there to get healthy and stay healthy, he knows it. So I was surprised when he asked several of us for any recommendations on books about handling stress. It's not that he doesn't know about it. He just wants to know how ...

Talking Tuesday: Why I run

A lot of people ask me why I put myself through the pain and agony of running five miles, ten miles, or a half/full marathon. To them, it seems like I'm losing the battle against my weight, so why bother? Why not just try some pill or something to lose the weight? Well, running is not all about losing the weight. It has other benefits as well, as I explain to you in this very short Talking Tuesday podcast.