“Just Not That Kind”

She kept on swirling her coffee well beyond the point where the everything mixed together. The concept of time was foreign to her on that morning, especially after all that happened the previous night. “Forget about it,” she whispered to herself. Her mind told her to let it go because it would be better that way. Still, she couldn’t let it go. The sound of his voice and the look on his face when Karen told him she wasn’t alone was more than Karen wanted to think about that morning before work. And then, when Leo came out of her bathroom to the sight of Gary at the door. Gary looked like he wanted to die. Karen really did love Gary. He was a good guy, with a good job, and he was going places. Leo was just a friend. It was all a misunderstanding. Leo came over and things got out of hand. That was all. Karen told herself

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The love of his life slept calmly on the passenger seat as he drove along the tree-covered street. The trees were making the sunlight flicker as he drove through their shadows. Elliot felt that it was a wonderful day. Reaching over to grab Amelia’s hand, Elliot began thinking of the time they met. It was so long ago. They were both so young. To him, she is still just as beautiful, even as she slept with her mouth open and drools just a little bit. It was their little secret. Her hand felt just as warm and comforting as it had done fifty years before, when they first held hands on their first date. She clasped his hand a little bit, though it was mostly just a reflex. It reminded Elliot of the time when she was delivering their first child, Alexandra. Amelia grabbed on to his hand and squeezed with incredible strength as their daughter was being born. He

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“More Every Instant”

First, a quick introduction to this story. I originally wrote this story in 1998 during my time as a college student. It was a very different story than what you’re about to read. It was darker. It had a sadder ending. It certainly didn’t have the epilogue that it has now. The reasons for this were that it was a story I wrote by hand on a notebook late one night. I wrote the story at a time when I was very lonely. I didn’t have any prospects of a romantic relationship, and school was keeping me away from my friends. One night, when I couldn’t sleep, I put pen to paper and got to writing this story. It was only a few pages long, and then it grew from there. I revisited the story every couple of years after that, adding and deleting to it. I did most of the editing based on what was going on in my

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