Why I Run

>I am writing this as I wait for the light rail to take me downtown for the half marathon. And I am asking myself, “Why?” I’m not going to break any records or win anything. Longing for the comfort and warmth of my bed, my mind asks what the point really is. My spirit, on the other hand, is 100% in this. It tells me that running is catharsis, relief, that the pain punishes the body and mind but releases my spirit. It is one of very few things that do this for me. Drugs and alcohol wouldn’t do it, neither would other pleasures of sin. In a way, I guess, this is my drug. I get high on taking on challenges that seem difficult or even insurmountable. This dumb, overweight guy is about to zone-out for a few hours and traverse 13.1 miles, all before many, too many, other fat people even get out of bed… While others fret

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What Is It About Soccer?

>This is the part where you say that it figures: A Mexican likes soccer. But I like it for so much more than just because of my social inclinations. Soccer gets me running and running a lot. I enjoy when I manage to squeeze out a play at my old age, especially against the young kids that go to play at the park. They are fast, I’ll give them that. But they are also very easily tricked, something I’ve learned to do more and more with age.Soccer is also a bit of a social tool for me. I meet new people and maybe even make new friends. Some know me as “Paco” while others know me as “Ren”. Many get confused on how to address me because they hear me yelling in Spanish to the Hispanics and English to the Americans. It’s just plain fun.So I went to play tonight, and I’m feeling pretty good. I player really well. Tomorrow

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It’s All In My Head

> I haven’t been running well lately. I go and play soccer for two hours just fine, but running is just not in me right now. Looking at the countdown clock, I have to get my butt in gear, or I risk making an ass out of myself at the marathon. I haven’t quit a race yet, and I’m not about to quit this one… The time has come to do those things I’ve left undone. The time is now to run!

I’m Fried

> If you are what you eat, then I’m fried. I sat down and wrote all the foods I remember eating last week, and I came up with some disturbing results and an even more troubling trend… I eat about 50% fried foods, 45% breads and other starches, and only 5% fruits and veggies (by meal, not volume). I’m eating myself to oblivion. No wonder I can’t lose weight while running! So I’m giving up fried food for a while, to detox. Then I’ll go back to it in moderation… Less than 10%. Wish me luck.

Very Slow 5k Run

> Starting to run after a long time without running is very easy… I’ve done it a thousand times. Today was one of those times. It’s been about 10 days since I last went out for a run, and it showed. No, I’m not going to tell you my time. Needless to say that it was pathetically slow. Pathetically. Slow. This troubles me a bit more so because the annual 5k race in town is coming up next week than because I am carrying too much extra weight. The Girl is going to run the race with me. So my problems are now two-fold. Or are they three-fold. See, for the longest time now, since 2004, I’ve been running 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons and one full marathon. And I don’t seem to stick with it long enough to lose the weight. I lose lots of it before the races, and then I gain it. That can’t be healthy. And now that

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7 Miles at the C&O Canal

I went out for a run at the C&O canal in Williamsport, Maryland, today… Here are some pics. This is actually a picture of me at the end of the run. You can tell by the tiredness in my eyes how I felt. (I didn’t feel good.) It may be flat and tree-covered, but I did all those miles without water and yet to eat breakfast. That water didn’t exactly look inviting for swimming or any other water sports. I hope she didn’t fall in. One gulp of water and she’d be a gonner. See? It’s nice and flat and covered by trees… But 7 miles are 7 miles. On the other side is West Virginia. Some of these trees have been here for centuries, so they’re very tall! The word “symbiosis” came to mind for some reason.