It’s All In My Head

> I haven’t been running well lately. I go and play soccer for two hours just fine, but running is just not in me right now. Looking at the countdown clock, I have to get my butt in gear, or I risk making an ass out of myself at the marathon. I haven’t quit a race yet, and I’m not about to quit this one… The time has come to do those things I’ve left undone. The time is now to run!

I’m Fried

> If you are what you eat, then I’m fried. I sat down and wrote all the foods I remember eating last week, and I came up with some disturbing results and an even more troubling trend… I eat about 50% fried foods, 45% breads and other starches, and only 5% fruits and veggies (by meal, not volume). I’m eating myself to oblivion. No wonder I can’t lose weight while running! So I’m giving up fried food for a while, to detox. Then I’ll go back to it in moderation… Less than 10%. Wish me luck.

Very Slow 5k Run

> Starting to run after a long time without running is very easy… I’ve done it a thousand times. Today was one of those times. It’s been about 10 days since I last went out for a run, and it showed. No, I’m not going to tell you my time. Needless to say that it was pathetically slow. Pathetically. Slow. This troubles me a bit more so because the annual 5k race in town is coming up next week than because I am carrying too much extra weight. The Girl is going to run the race with me. So my problems are now two-fold. Or are they three-fold. See, for the longest time now, since 2004, I’ve been running 5k’s, 10k’s, half-marathons and one full marathon. And I don’t seem to stick with it long enough to lose the weight. I lose lots of it before the races, and then I gain it. That can’t be healthy. And now that

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7 Miles at the C&O Canal

I went out for a run at the C&O canal in Williamsport, Maryland, today… Here are some pics. This is actually a picture of me at the end of the run. You can tell by the tiredness in my eyes how I felt. (I didn’t feel good.) It may be flat and tree-covered, but I did all those miles without water and yet to eat breakfast. That water didn’t exactly look inviting for swimming or any other water sports. I hope she didn’t fall in. One gulp of water and she’d be a gonner. See? It’s nice and flat and covered by trees… But 7 miles are 7 miles. On the other side is West Virginia. Some of these trees have been here for centuries, so they’re very tall! The word “symbiosis” came to mind for some reason.