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  • Comment on Iā€™m One Mean Hombre by Rene Najera February 27, 2017 00:48
    And, when you're done, grab another magazine ("Runner's World") and empty that into them as well. (Anything can be used as a weapon. Just as any convict.)
  • Comment on Iā€™m One Mean Hombre by wzrd1 February 27, 2017 00:42
    The rallying cry of "Don't be mean, you'll drive them away" so reminds me of a comment from several politicians in the '80's, which did their careers no good, "If rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it". Sorry, I am not going to relax and the lack of enjoyment will be mutual. Seriously, am I also to be polite to one of the alt-right who have threatened to force their way into my home and murder me and my wife? No, I'll be extremely impolite with them while I empty my magazine into them.
  • Comment on A Day of Protesting in Baltimore by wzrd1 February 18, 2017 09:34
    I saw one flag that I'd love to pimp slap the holder of, but I do respect the fundamental right of protest, so I'd discuss my objections with them in detail, over a fine meal, my treat. That all said, I'll say, it's one hell of a varied protests, to judge by signage and flags! Close to the rainbow, if one ignores brown of the shi-stain - erm, far right, who is copiously missing. *White is right* is true only when one is dealing with laser printer paper. The reality is, the rest of the time, we enjoy ROYGBIV. I get to enjoy near IR and near UV, courtesy of my IOL (IntraOcular Lens, a cataract replacement plastic lens). The latter bit, I find totally cool! That also means, what fluoresces for you is quite brilliant for me. Seriously! I honestly want to have a small study performed on it, if I can find free time, to explore the scope and depth of the change from my natural, badly damaged lens to the synthetic replacement! Said while trying to figure out how to acquire my required DHS ID, without driving for 300+ miles, as my car won't survive half of that trip... That last, referred to management, as I don't need the bloody thing for my daily job. Let contractor and contractee figure that mess out.* *I'm a good dad and granddad, that means, *knowing* when one has to be a phallus. šŸ˜‰ It's required, I don't have to fund it is the short story, they both have to figure it out. Again.** **Not the first time, but both organizations insist upon reinventing the wheel each fiscal year.
  • Comment on To My Most Conservative Friend by wzrd1 February 17, 2017 08:35
    To Rene's "dear conservative friends", from an elder, former Republican, chased away during war, when "second amendment remedies" panicked men going out on war patron, fearing that their homes would be in flames upon our eventual redeployment home. I'll never, ever, *ever* forgive the tea party for that. Ever. May they not only rot in hell, may they draw up arms against their nation so that I and my teams can come out of military retirement to send them there personally. My first memory was an unusual one, mom sat me down in front of the television, a Muntz, to be precise. "Watch him, he's the President, he's important. I need to take down the curtains to wash them.", shortly after, "Mommy, the President was just shot!". JFK. I remember that quite clearly. I was born in 1961, the exceptional event burned irrevocably upon my memory. I grew up, missing the fun part of the 1960's, but watching the civil rights movement grow and swell. Watching, quite literally, thousands of men walk past the end of our side street in Philadelphia, only to march a few blocks farther, only to have Frank Rizzo's PPD beat the crap out of them. The difference is, dad had his crew over on a regular basis, black men in a "white house" be damned, they were crew, they had hospitality, food, drink and conversation. Fast forward a lot, under Saint Reagan, the perfect, I began my military service. Want to know what DEFCON 1 feels like? We had launch tapes running, once completed, the Pershing missile launches, it can't be aborted, when an abort signal arrived, three seconds short of unabortable arrived. WWIII aborted by mere seconds. Gulf War I, totally cool, right? Want to talk to some of my friends who were there? You'll need a seance for that, they died in that "bloodless" war. BTW, the Cold War was far from bloodless, it was less bloody, so you didn't even know that men and women died protecting your willful ignorance. Gulf War II, "because he tried to kill my dad", was far from bloodless and destabilized an entire vast region! Thanks for nothing! Afghanistan's been the quagmire that was predicted, although we adapted and worked things toward our favor - barely. I retired from that mess. So, let's see what a life dedicated to this nation's security has gotten me. A partial pension, due to reserve service, which is at the whim of a whimsical Congress. A Congress now trying to steal the postal service's pension. Quite comforting, especially since the very first year of the War on Terror had the VA budget cut yet again, for the 35th consecutive year. Thanks! The Social Security that I've spent more decades paying into than you've likely been alive is under threat right now, to be raided by the current puzzy grabbing, more like putz grabbing SOB's. I've lost three 401k's over the decades, due to two going insolvent due to wonderful collapses like Worldcom. The other, cashed in in another "economic slump", as if we don't call it a depression, despite it walking, quacking and swimming like a duck, it ain't a fcuking duck. The NRA, a wonderful organization in my youth, but I watched it change since 1968, when the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed against manufacturing objections, then the great revolt occurred in 1970. Due to the NRA's insanity and lack of safety, with an emphasis on volume of fire in preference to precision single shot marksmanship driven competitions, I now only engage in CMP programs. I still hunt. Occasionally, I still fish, although now, I'll be leery, lest weakening environmental protections deliver a fish to my table that's laden with carcinogens. Now that Donald the Insane has taken office, I'm finally stockpiling ammunition. MK 262 mod 1 rounds, all. That's my precision in shooting, it's the precision of my rifles. I'm former and retired SF. I also know how a nuclear weapon works in detail, along with various weapons permissive action link overrides. So, half empty, half full, half azzed, whatever. I'm swiftly running out of options, years and ideas and am a war veteran. Your generation loves to make threats. Do you want to try carrying them out? By year's end, I'll have 7000 rounds, which is more than I'd need. Unless you are intending to throw 15000 at me, then, I'll have to borrow your deceased, unburied men's rounds. I like to be a nice guy, but, I'm also quite comfortable with the monster that I know lives within me. The one that previously existed under glass marked, "Break only in case of war" and was only broken twice. So, "friend", do you want to try for a third breakage? I prefer the course of a "good dad", peace and quiet is cool. If that isn't present, well, it gets enforced. Especially since it appears, to five sigma, that Russia has had a heavy hand within our politics in this nation. So, for once in your pitiful life, be a patriot. A patriot does not say, "Right or wrong, my nation", the true patriot says, "Right, my country does good for all, wrong, my country does wrong and that needs to be fixed". I am a patriot, I don't know what the fcuk you are. Well, other than traitor, like the staff and possibly even our traitor in chief. Regardless, I'll stockpile those rounds. They're useful in competition and they're useful if things continue to go sideways. I'll kick both sides back into play, when both are weakened enough, we veterans will continue government. Then, only veterans will be allowed to vote. See Heinlein.
  • Comment on Take A Better Selfie by Rene Najera February 17, 2017 01:20
    There's too many secrets, anyway. I bet half of the leaks are Orange himself trying to get out of this most difficult job.
  • Comment on Take A Better Selfie by wzrd1 February 17, 2017 00:11
    I saw the ultimate selfie the other day, an individual posing with the nuclear football. Of course, accompanying that selfie was the selfies of people clustered around top secret military documents...
  • Comment on To My Most Conservative Friend by rickeydobbs February 16, 2017 03:10
    Amen, brother. Thanks for writing this. History is going to judge the "conservative" movement (in quotes, because there ain't nothing conservative about it, they are radicals for sure) quite harshly. As they say - when fascism comes to America, it'll come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. These guys claim to be the real Americans, but my reading of the constitution (and my political science degree and law degree) tell me that they are the polar opposite of what the Framers envisioned as American leaders.
  • Comment on Should You Use A Bike Helmet? by Rene Najera February 14, 2017 14:25
    I had a woman pull out in front of me in the rain. I yelled at her, and she slammed the brakes. Then she lowered her window and yelled, "What the fuck are you doing riding your bike in the rain?" Yeah, it was all my fault.
  • Comment on Should You Use A Bike Helmet? by wzrd1 February 14, 2017 01:19
    Once, I did come off of my bike hard, at rather high speed. I was traveling with traffic quite well, when a fast traffic light changed before I could brake to a stop and a car pulled out - repeatedly until it was centered in my path and avoidance was impossible. I struck the rear door near the B post, flipped in mid air and landed in the center of the intersection of the four way highway on my back and the back of my head cracking the pavement (OK, not quite, but it felt like it did) and the sprocket landing on my heel. Alas, I was wearing sandals, so I had a few punctures in my heel from the main sprocket. The driver, an elderly woman, immediately exited the vehicle and began yelling at me for running the traffic signal, continuing for several minutes while I lay there stunned and unable to breathe. When she finally realized that I was unresponsive, she finally asked if I was alright. Obviously, I was fine! After all, it's normal to take a break from a busy afternoon of bicycling by resting in the middle of a four lane highway intersection, with one's bicycle resting on top of one and blood streaming from a foot! Fortunately, I was in no condition to either throw the bike at her or reply in a sarcastic manner and by the time I recovered my breath, I replied "I'm fine" and limped myself across the intersection. Ten minutes later, I was peddling away again, a bit sore where my lower back struck the macadam pavement.
  • Comment on Should You Use A Bike Helmet? by February 14, 2017 01:01
    Plus the three times I've come off my road bike I didn't knock my head (was wearing a helmet). Lucky too as it was an expensive helmet! šŸ˜‰