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  • Comment on The Lies People Tell You About Me by wzrd1 June 11, 2019 02:55
    I envy that tutorial session! I'd also be asking on slide prep, as that still is an area that I'm weak on. Odd, as I can prepare multiple specimens for a TEM for viewing, hell, did that in junior high school, my understanding of the physics has only improved. What shocks me is, someone (I assume, being cohort) wanting to become an epidemiologist wants to consider him or herself a superior expert to a researcher in the field of leukemia. Thereby disparaging a subject matter expert, in favor of I don't know, beads and rattles, perhaps? Frankly, I'd have asked him to show me the hairy cell leukemia, then the naked singularity leukemia, barbing when challenged as to the latter's existence, that he should recognize a peer. A black hole, lacking even the character of an event horizon. As for the cousin with an ethanol abuse, transnational border problem, I'd have early on alerted the first noisemaker to go pick his sodden arse up and haul it across the border as toxic waste. At 03:00, each time after. Reminding her, *I* did not drive him there, but I have a very good idea who drove him to drink... For some odd reason, the Department of State never wanted to retain my services. Probably, due to my own familial mischief makers, who made an unfounded accusation and I accurately displayed their known prior sins, before growing ever so holier than the Almighty in their dotage. One elder cousin, granted "aunt" due to age, accusing me of abandoning my father when I was deployed to a fscking war, I reminded all listeners of that fact by apologizing for not overthrowing our government and simply obeying military orders and her abandonment of her husband and children, thankfully, didn't count, because she picked up a bible so late in her life. And I do happen to know where every skeleton is, inside of specifically which closet, within the family. They either confided in me or my parents at some point. And my parents and I already knew what kind of back stabbers that part of the family are, the respectable members, save my parents, who remained local, to help when needed, staying distant otherwise, moved distant to this coast. Oddly, I have had far nicer dealings with very real terrorists. So, that cohort, were I in your shoes and I finally lost patience, would've likely been on suicide watch, my insisting upon it. Because, I'd poke holes mercilessly into his presentation, theories and character, in a few sentences. But, with my experience, I'd likely have predicted and laid an additional trap to further underestimate me. At the end, I'd just get another peer to coach. Help a man con learn to catch a fish, help one of you find a meal. Teach that same man how to fish well, feed a community and with luck and guidance, lead a community well. Teach the SOB how to arid area farm, gain a community, if not that individual's love. In that, short term gains, vs long term gains. After all, you might find that idiot Peter Principled up, to be prejudiced against the only good path out of a major epidemic, due to a memory. The only times I've burned potential bridges was when the path lead to hell. 😉
  • Comment on Some Things I Learned This Week by wzrd1 June 6, 2019 05:34
    I consider this and courtesy of a source of news novel to me, that of Noa Pothoven and consider how some things can be distorted into Bizarro World proportions, just to forward a power grabbing cause, creating multiple traumas in their wake. A truer reflection was present as a precursor in the AIDS pandemic's mishandling, back when AIDS was referred to as GRID. The first time I had a real medical educational session on HIV/AIDS was in that era, when GRID was mentioned, with a specific smugness. Knowing, by the end of the session the virus and its known methods of contagion, well, my very first wedge between I and my now long former party were first hammered in, courtesy of Saint Reagan, may a perpetual memorial grace is grave, in the form of the perpetual turd. I'm certain a sewage treatment plant could oblige. Since, I've embraced one thing as fundamental. The more people that were marginalized without reason, who are "granted" rights they already should enjoy under the fourteenth amendment to our Constitution, enriches my rights and everyone else's rights within our land. That is something I'd happily come out of military retirement to enforce by force, against those who seek to use force to remove rights. I wouldn't be lonely, I'd have a cadre of peers of division strength, along with much of the US Armed Forces. I've never punched down, save to absorb impact energy before my body met the floor and a slap was late, a martial arts thing. Even then, I avoided striking an innocent ant. Well, back to figuring out whatinhell is going on with my wireless connection. Only one low speed, emergency link works properly, more complex authentication links keep failing after a recent non-Windows OS update. Got it slightly narrowed, figured out, based upon slow link based (think 56k modem era links) research, narrowed it down to around 16 potential causes, that'll narrow swiftly, based upon specifics that are deep OS level intensive.
  • Comment on My Rules on Talking About Vaccines by wzrd1 May 9, 2019 03:42
    Learned rule #4 in person, where everyone got clear of the mother who claims vaccine injury, Crohn's to a vaccine, even if it's not. *Everyone* in the area backed away, all were also shocked that I remained where I was. And that, on a federal installation. As emotionally distraught as she was, she wasn't going to sacrifice her career, nor was I. We've since found peace, largely by avoiding conversation that started it around her. Yeah, I got it, immune mediated or modulated disease sucks. A lot. My immune system attacked my thyroid in a way that essentially disproves intelligent design, as it turns on my thyroid enough that Hulk would get slammed into the ground seven times, compared to his repeated five times, then toss him into the sternest fixed object available. Then, bit off their heads and toss the bodies in a corner. (Venom movie) Lots of bodies, lots of heads. ;P The majority of the time, I orate, with heights and downturns, using rather creative terms that remain accurate, but now novel to the listener. I'm also the *************** that blocked many a computer for information security issues and promptly thought nothing of blocking my own computer once I found a file I could not explain in my system32 directory. Totally taking wind out of the sails of many a junior client's sails, for mine was blocked before theirs were. I do have a personal saying, which was coined long before I ever heard of it. Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. I always was the SOB shouting out such an instruction.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by René F. Najera, DrPH May 6, 2019 14:55
    These sure are interesting times.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by wzrd1 May 6, 2019 04:05
    Many years ago, I was sitting in the furnished basement, while listening to the family cockroaches arguing over the minutiae, to the distress of the rest of the family. We had borne the burden of the last two years of my grandmother's life, some talked about cutting her finger off for a fucking ring. Dad's elder brother came down, saw me grab the pipe wrench and, while agreeing with me, suggested waiting a bit. At this age, I was right, the lot of arguing for a trinket should've had a brain destroyed, the nation was beginning the same crap, we're at the final result now. Either we have an Emperor or we have a nation, under the Constitution. All, because two houses of Congress can't perform their fucking duty. Can't speak to specifics, but there is a strong suggestion of a trifecta, POTUS, VP and outside of the Constitutional cabinet positions, the Squeaker have impeachable issues. So, the military is at a quandary, who to follow, it ain't Trump, per every star ranking individual's opinion. Pence is feared, due to Handmaiden's Tale and rightfully so, so we have a Constitutional breakdown and societal problem.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by wzrd1 May 6, 2019 03:56
    Indeed it is, it's those closest to knowing how one things, all seeking to slice out your liver, while you know the same. And that's on a good day, among Sicilian originated families.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by René F. Najera, DrPH May 5, 2019 18:15
    Not saying your family drama is annoying... I'm saying that I'd be very annoyed in your position. Family is supposed to be our allies.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by René F. Najera, DrPH May 5, 2019 18:14
    Family drama is the most annoying drama.
  • Comment on The Choices You’ll Make by wzrd1 May 5, 2019 06:54
    Alas, today, we still have family separation, now modded with DNA testing, adding months to familial separation. Unlike CSI and assorted fictional programs, familial DNA still takes time. Currently, there is one rapid method and that is about as precise as you finding me as your father and you're older than me. There are multiple methods of examining DNA. Our pale daughter used it and found, not only isn't she related to either of us, we weren't related to ourselves. So, theories abound, bullshit abounds.US decision, jury nullification isn't allowed to be discussed, ever.
  • Comment on Epi 101: Direct Age Adjustment by Hand and With R by Epi 101: Indirect Age Adjustment by Hand and in R – EpidemioLogical April 19, 2019 01:03
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