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  • Comment on Pro Tip: Tip Well by Rene Najera November 20, 2017 00:26
    Not only that, but I find that janitorial staff know the building inside and out. I'd rather ask them for directions than just about anyone else.
  • Comment on Pro Tip: Tip Well by wzrd1 November 16, 2017 00:56
    Many a time, I've approached a men's room to find it being cleaned. Then, it's "Dammit! Excuse me, where is the closest men's room that is available for use?". It never ceases to amaze me how close at hand another relief facility is, rather than trudging across a building, even if it's on another floor, or how helpful the janitorial staff can be when asked nicely. The "dammit" being if I had some degree of, erm, urgency, requiring rapid voiding to avoid soiled clothing, which is rather infrequent for me in the past.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part V: Baby in the City by Chris October 8, 2017 21:34
    Unfortunately special needs families often encounter clueless folks. We all have very long lists of the most idiotic "suggestions" we have received over the years. One "fave" suggestion we get to help our nonverbal kids is to "just talk to them." Um, yeah, sure... that was the problem all along. Rolled eyes emoji. The Special Olympics are coming to our county next year, and local disability groups are trying to make sure local businesses are welcoming:
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part V: Baby in the City by Rene Najera October 8, 2017 21:15
    We met a couple for breakfast today, friends of my wife. They have two young boys with special needs. The waitress who served us was phenomenal in working with them to make sure everything was taken care of. The rather large family sitting next to us wasn't very appreciative of one of the boys' iPad noise. (He uses it as an assisted communication device.) Well, that was their problem, not the boys' parents. I realized that our children have just as much of a right to be themselves in public as any other children, even if other people don't like it. They could have very well sat down at a different table. 😉 Within reason, of course.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part V: Baby in the City by Chris October 5, 2017 18:15
    Been there, done that. You will soon learn who are actual parents and care givers. They are the ones that give you a sympathetic nod, sometimes try to distract the baby while you are getting your breakfast, and help you through the door when you are pushing a stroller. Though there are certain advantages to having a fussy baby. I had my toddler playing around my feet, and my two month old in the front carrier when I was trying to get printouts at the County Property Office (information for buying a lot, this was in 1990, no internet). The clerk was quick to give me my printout, and I quickly went to the elevator. Only to have that fussy baby* stop crying, look up at me smiling sweetly just as the elevator door closed. I got the same quick service when I picked up the building permits from the city building department accompanied by my then four year old and two year old boys. 😉 * While the older autistic child's "terrible twos" lasted just two weeks, for the younger boy it was from the time he was eighteen months old until he was seven years old. He did the full throw himself on the ground tantrums. My technique was to walk into another room and ignore him. Then he would pick himself up, walk calmly to the room I was in and repeat the performance. Fortunately he turned into a really sweet kid in elementary school, and a fine young man after puberty.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part III: Sleep? What Sleep? by Chris September 16, 2017 20:00
    A bassinet in the hallway. The best thing we did was to get just a little distance by moving the baby from our room to the hallway. Still close enough to hear a cry, but far enough to mask the gurgles. Though third child came when we had a bigger house and a master bathroom, accessible only from our room. She rolls her eyes at the fact her first "bedroom" was next to the bathtub.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part III: Sleep? What Sleep? by Rene Najera September 16, 2017 01:22
    Brett... René here... Buy earplugs if you don't have them, and a white noise machine or an app on your iPhone.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part III: Sleep? What Sleep? by Brett B September 16, 2017 01:18
    Rene... Brett here.. We're in your boat! The gurgles make me sit up and check him, lol! I feel like i'm a Pvt. again on fire watch 🙂
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part I: Clean As You Go by Rene Najera August 25, 2017 01:26
    Thank you. Yes, I hope she keeps me busy... Busy and out of trouble.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part I: Clean As You Go by Chris August 24, 2017 19:55
    "We actually started cleaning up well and keeping the house tidy a couple of weeks before the due date." That is often called "nesting." "If there was something out of place, we should just pick it up and put it in its place,..." The other thing that comes with kids is so much stuff that does not have a "place." One thing that gets out of control is clothing. Kids grow out of clothes, and before you know it you have piles of clothing that need to be somewhere else. The choice is do you save for some future child, or do you give it away. The same goes for toys and books. There is a reason why there are yard sales and used kid stuff stores around. Which is a good way to get things for kids. And to get rid of it. When the youngest were around 7 and 10 they held their own yard sale to get rid of toys, clothing and kid furniture. Congratulations on the wee one. You'll be busy for a long while.