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  • Comment on The Government Is You by Rene Najera January 22, 2017 23:02
    Thank you. So... Should we take YOUR advice about not taking advice? 🙂
  • Comment on The Government Is You by wzrd1 January 22, 2017 06:14
    Heh, I came home from a deployment to find a sofa directly in my path walking toward the laundry hamper we kept downstairs for my uniforms. I was carrying a duffel full of soiled uniforms and sundry garments, fell right over the sofa and onto the floor, into an impossible position, as I arrived home a day early. My wife flipped on the lights to the ludicrous sight of me head down on the floor, tangled in duffel strap weighting me down in the wrong direction and paralyzed in laughter. This, after yet another family briefing by command not to change things around at home while we're gone (a standard SF briefing). I might have been irritated at the unnatural flow of the traffic through the house were the lights on when I came in, but I've always been accustomed to moving around the house in the dark, so, my position and the "roadblock", while arriving to surprise her, tickled my funny bone immensely. Last December marked our 35th anniversary. 🙂 I'll add, when doctor is off duty and one only has an answering service, then second best returning the call, Doctor Mom can have some good ideas. While I've long functioned under sleep deprivation, infant driven sleep deprivation is something greater than even combat can induce. Humans require sleep, infants don't (in joke with pediatricians in the military, referring to children's lack of reserve in bodily systems and paradoxical reactions to certain medications). Doctor Mom gave me excellent ideas, which when adapted, worked well with her colic driven eldest, shortly after I caught myself getting ready to shake her.* That derived method was described above, when referring to our grandchildren who suffered from colic. *I caught myself and realizing what I was nearly about to do, set her down in her crib and sunk into the corner and cried worse than her.
  • Comment on I Get Fan Mail Sometimes by wzrd1 January 22, 2017 05:47
    Don't get me started about stolen artwork, Chris. I've had to have a dozen cease and desist orders filed with thieves who keep trying to steal my disabled wife's artwork and pass it as their own works. At this point, I've become irritated enough that the very next one isn't getting a cease and desist, that individual will be brought to court for punitive damages, sufficient to leave that SOB homeless. If I can't have their house, I can have the furniture and dishes, just to leave a message. This isn't even about money, it's about her self-worth, which is set by her few works d'art that she produces and sells. Works that take months for her to produce. I do admit to one character flaw, I am a very, very, very vindictive man.
  • Comment on The Government Is You by Chris January 22, 2017 05:47
    Congratulations! By the way, even though both of you are medical professionals... nothing prepares you for what will happen. Always expect the unexpected. Do <b>not</b> read any birth experiences from any person... because that will not affect what happens to you! Just listen to your medical professionals, and prepare for weeks without sleep. That means having food planned out... get it delivered! I hope your friends do better than diaper delivery, that means they give you food delivery! A good baby shower gift is someone to do household duties like laundry. Also, someone to watch newborn for a few weeks so The Girl can sleep. Also make sure that no one who is "trying" to help rearranges your house. That is what my stepmother did during the week my firstborn was in the hospital. That is very annoying. Seriously I really liked her support when my baby was hospitalized, I did not like that I was bumping into furniture in the wrong places. (dear hubby stopped her when she tried to rearrange my kitchen.. think about it... the baby sleep deprivation caused a friend to put her toaster back into the fridge... not the cupboard.... okay, I did put an onion back into a cutlery drawer). The sleep deprivation also caused me to run a red light. Also at one point I wanted to throw a boiling pot of water at a wailing baby. So, this is no joke... this is tough stuff. If help is offered, take it. Though you are allowed to put limitations... like rearranging your entire house. "Really, Mom... you put a chair and a table directly between our bedroom and the kitchen? Why do I need to get calf/knee bruises just to make our morning coffee?"
  • Comment on I Get Fan Mail Sometimes by Chris January 22, 2017 05:14
    "Am I going to get hate mail by a certain “Mr. X” over the term “douchebag”?" Would it be because you are being called a camping water container used for showering? As someone whose has taken a minimum of French, I have decided to ask those who use that word why it is an insult to be accused of cleaning oneself by washing their body in a spray of water. Seriously, deflect from an out of date stupid and dangerous "hygiene" product sold to women. My response to that French word is now: "Yes, I take a shower to wash myself. Why do you think that is unusual?" Now about stealing online art. That is a real thing and it affects my youngest child. They work at a non-profit twelve hours a week to pay rent, but does online digital commissions to pay other bills while applying for grad school. Sometimes they post their work online, only to find someone has copy/pasted their artwork claiming it as their own. This is literally stealing. This is why their online artwork is now posted at a very low resolution. Those who pay the commission get a full resolution file to print a fabulous poster or on other media. Oh, my gosh... I just thought it would be cool to get them to design fabric for me!
  • Comment on I Get Fan Mail Sometimes by wzrd1 January 21, 2017 22:10
    Yeah, largely from those too stupid to look at my profile. I quite enjoy feeding their words back to them.
  • Comment on I Get Fan Mail Sometimes by Rene Najera January 21, 2017 21:51
    I was wondering if you got any "heat" from people because of that headgear.
  • Comment on I Get Fan Mail Sometimes by wzrd1 January 21, 2017 21:14
    Oh, that's mild. I typically respond to a message like that to ask, "Is that the same mouth that you french kiss your mother with?". I've gotten death threats, one enterprising chap going through the trouble of sending me my home address and a threat to murder my entire family. That chap had a return reply, "I know what you look like, where you live, how long it'd take you to get here and if you attempt to enter the house, you'll leave in two bags". Ren, you've saw my avatar on FB, so you can guess at what else I bait. 😉
  • Comment on The Government Is You by Rene Najera January 21, 2017 20:32
  • Comment on The Government Is You by wzrd1 January 21, 2017 17:03
    Well, there's the first months, when a full night's sleep is impossible. One of our two children had colic pretty bad, two out of three grandchildren had colic *really* bad. I was the only one who could quiet them down (via carrying them at waist level, facing outward, my palm and forearm splint the abdomen, palm supporting their buttocks with the rest of my palm, opposing arm linked with the supporting hand). Everyone was amazed how quiet that they were when I held them. Our grandson was eventually diagnosed with reflux, our oldest granddaughter never did have a diagnosis (I suspect some issues with colonization of the GI tract, gassy bloating and such until the flora and fauna balance themselves out). Eventually, they begin to participate and are fun to play with. 😀