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  • Comment on R Programming and the New Epidemiologists by wzrd1 August 11, 2018 21:44
    In a far nicer kind of way. It avoids potentially torturing the data to produce incorrect results. 😉 Or have one snowed in by extraneous data, which can confuse or even mislead (or potentially, spot something not previously considered that is important). Hence, why someone with epidemiological training train anyone dealing with software processing the data. Or having an epidemiologist actually perform the coding. 😀 Each, to his or her own competencies, for not every epidemiologist is a good programmer and pretty much no programmer is a competent epidemiologist.
  • Comment on R Programming and the New Epidemiologists by René F. Najera, DrPH August 11, 2018 21:39
    To have the data tell me what I need to know... An “enhanced interrogation” of sorts?
  • Comment on R Programming and the New Epidemiologists by wzrd1 August 11, 2018 19:55
    Data analytics has always been part and parcel in tracking and halting epidemics. Starting way back with one pump handle. The trick is to find a way to have the data tell you what you need to know and then, create a report that policy makers can comprehend to address mitigation efforts.
  • Comment on Epidemiological Podcast S0E3: Hi, I’m a Doctor by Chris July 9, 2018 05:11
    Woot! Congratulations for all of your very very hard work! Your future looks bright. Loved baby sounds in the video.
  • Comment on A Day of Days by Chris July 4, 2018 04:22
    By the way, dear hubby is watching lots of World Cup games this year. He has had a chest cold that made him stay home from work (work hates that, apparently he is a "critical engineer"... sorry guys, he is sick!). He doesn't care what country wins, he just likes to see challenging games. He has just started to watch the recording of Sweden vs. Switzerland. I am going to watch a DVD from the library on a laptop. Being married for thirty eight years has its good things. 😉
  • Comment on A Day of Days by Chris July 4, 2018 03:53
    May you go on to do great things. And for some reason, I know you will. There is one thing I am proud about our millennial kids: they vote. Even the young man who is autistic. He may have certain disabling issues, but he is not stupid --- he does have an associates degree on political science, and he votes! One reason seems to be having a father who is an immigrant. Even though he is from Canada, their father pounded into them the importance of letting their voice be heard through the ballot box.
  • Comment on A Day of Days by René F. Najera, DrPH July 4, 2018 01:08
    Thank you. I don't know if the NRA doesn't like me right now, but they're not going to like me for the rest of my career. Instead of supporting and advocating for their members, they do things that increase their members' collective risk of being victims of gun violence. Yeah, all of those lives taken had someone who loved them, hence the huge impact of violence.
  • Comment on A Day of Days by Chris July 3, 2018 23:46
    Can I assume the NRA does not like you? 😉 Especially since the last slide of the data cloud of names was very impactful. The beautiful baby sounds in the background does kind of remind you that each of those victims started out as beautiful babies that were loved. Congratulations on success after so much hard work.
  • Comment on A Day of Days by ktgww July 3, 2018 04:45
    You know... some days I get you and the Skeptical Raptor mixed up... Sorry about that. I still read it. even the parts i don't really understand!
  • Comment on A Day of Days by Rene Najera July 2, 2018 19:34
    Thanks for reading. But it's weird because I don't think I take any political positions. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯