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  • Comment on Anonymous Me? by wzrd1 April 2, 2018 17:40
    Careful! I am *quite* close to Texas. 😉
  • Comment on Anonymous Me? by Rene Najera April 2, 2018 15:05
    One could try?
  • Comment on Anonymous Me? by wzrd1 April 2, 2018 14:27
    I can't speak to the closed fist of truth, but it seems that a certain Texan could use the open slap of common sense inducement! Alas, one cannot knock sense into a stone.
  • Comment on How Can You Argue With Logic Like That? by wzrd1 March 26, 2018 19:40
    Certainly, feel free to use the brush comment! 😀 As for going toe to toe against someone with intensive video game training, while wielding an AR-15, I'd far prefer that to someone who actually learned how to properly use that AR-15. Of course, my truest preference would be to be sitting at the diner enjoying a slice of pie... 😉 There's a wee difference between using a controller and a firearm, as you quite well know. The biggest stumbling block to discussion isn't even emotion, it's too many people on both sides gobbling up talking points and jingles, rather than cold, hard facts. Such as the sheer inadvisability of an untrained person being placed without warning into the middle of a firefight, while in the middle of a room full of non-combatants. If US Armed Forces Special Operations don't do that, why do they think that school teachers are suddenly going to outdo the fictional Rambo?!
  • Comment on How Can You Argue With Logic Like That? by Rene Najera March 26, 2018 15:55
    Hahaha. Can I use that chamber brush comment? This was a very passionate person who probably wasn't thinking through all the consequences of what she was proposing. Can you imagine Old Man Jones, the science teacher, trying to go toe-to-toe with a revolver against some punk kid with an AR-15 and hours of simulation training via video games? No contest.
  • Comment on How Can You Argue With Logic Like That? by wzrd1 March 26, 2018 15:34
    She raised an interesting point that tells her age. I happen to remember back when banks had armed security guards. Few have those now, for liability reasons. Apparently, it's crazy expensive for a security guard to accidentally shoot a bank customer during a shootout over money that is already insured by FDIC. Although, FDIC does not insure money against bank robberies, but bank insolvency... What I'm curious over though is, does she wish for all teachers to have armed security guard credentials? (In Pennsylvania, it's a PA-235 certification.) Or to use her other examples, are teachers now to be commissioned as law enforcement officers? Or is she just as brilliant as my chamber brush? Shiny on the outside, sharp bristles and useless for thinking.
  • Comment on The Thing About Hotspots by wzrd1 March 20, 2018 18:48
    Heh, the stuff of many a PhD dissertation, I'm sure!
  • Comment on The Thing About Hotspots by Rene Najera March 20, 2018 16:04
    Oh, man, do I have stories about bad and politically-motivated interventions...
  • Comment on The Thing About Hotspots by wzrd1 March 20, 2018 15:32
    Then, there are confounding factors, such as stimulant abuse skewing some reports on cardiovascular related deaths. Of course, then there are politically motivated or pet theory motivated interventions which are a bit less successful. Like a certain pump handle being reinstalled in London, as Cholera was obviously caused by miasma and not some water borne "substance"... Or the fine advice of the Philadelphia health department during the 1918 influenza pandemic to keep one's bowels loose. :/
  • Comment on The “Militarization” of the Johns Hopkins University Campus by Chris March 15, 2018 05:41
    Wait... Johns Hopkins does not have its own specially trained police force? Seriously? I live near a large state university and it has its own police force. I first encountered them as a freshman student since they had a special <b>unarmed</b> contingent in not quite police uniform (a blazer and slacks, hence the nickname of "Blue Blazers") who walked the dorm halls in the dead of night. This was forty years ago! These folks have dealt with some real insane things like students going crazy, like one on some psychotic drug who took a bible passage too seriously and cut off his own hand in front of his roommate in the dorm (it was noted in the report the roommate needed treatment for shock). Then there are the flashers in the library and the homeless who find places to sleep in the parking garages. Then there was a <a href="; rel="nofollow">Milo supporter who shot some guy in the stomach</a>. It is not always safe. A police officer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was killed by one of the Boston Marathon Bombers. Today was the National Student Walkout against guns killing kids in school. Students from a few local high schools converged on a main plaza at large state university to denounce random gun violence. It was a large and peaceful demonstration. The sun was out and I decided to check out some things relating to a major house remodel across town on a bus route that took me through campus... the kids on the bus who were at the rally got off in time to get to their afternoon classes at the school on that bus line. They were quite sincere.