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  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part XI: God Almighty, Stop Testing Me! by Brett December 6, 2019 05:11
    It doesn't make it any easier.. but we are right there with you man! Little-O LOVES the word no. We are working on the word yes with him, and he's getting better at choosing it when he actually means "yes", instead of just knee-jerk reacting with "no!" It's a pretty interesting phase to observe, that's for sure.
  • Comment on The Parent Ren, Part XI: God Almighty, Stop Testing Me! by Chris December 6, 2019 03:53
    I was always amazed how a tired toddler had so much energy. Though sometimes it was to cry because being tired probably meant their head was hurting. There is nothing to do but be calm and wait it out, because just being there is enough. And then they fall asleep... eventually. 😉 Doesn't help if you are literally trying to work online, driving or just trying to shop for some groceries. You will survive this stage. Only to be flummoxed by the next stage.
  • Comment on Your Views Will Evolve by René F. Najera, DrPH November 29, 2019 14:51
    When the dude makes one miss George W., then you know something has gone horribly wrong.
  • Comment on Your Views Will Evolve by wzrd1 November 29, 2019 08:55
    Initial evolution took a decade or two, then experience blew away a lot of fluff nonsense, leaving vacuum. Today, the two parties are largely still the same, just paid via ratios, through campaign contributions. Some disrupters persist, yawn, not gonna happen, Puritan straight edges is today, much to the erosion of the GOP, who insist on protecting their malefactor. Said by one, who originally was totally GOP robot, to observing harms from Ronnie Raygun onward, devolving as Libertarians hijacked the party. Today, we have a shocked cycle, a 31% always will drive, realization that that percentage would force any of the idiots out of the boardroom, to finally surprise the board with facts. Something a proprietor is incapable of noticing. Not a good thing to found one's financial grounds upon at all, let alone leveraging finances, which resulted in a major financier's suicide. Although, using Hillary as an example, Trump killed . I'll not go into throwing enablers and protectors under the proverbial bus. Having personally met the man, long before unreality TV came about, what you see is precisely what one gets. Me, me, me, me, me was his Chamber of Commerce speech, inane, caused a 90% attrition the following year. Total boor of the party. Meet him again? I'd rather have all phosphorus removed from my body. Hint, for the chemically disinclined, one can't spell our DNA without phosphorous. And the heart and soul of the party is rather unusually, divided, evaluating on when get out is good, vs unemployment.
  • Comment on Odds Ratio or Marginal Effects? Depends on the Story You’re Trying to Tell. by wzrd1 November 21, 2019 07:01
    Chuckles, as I was examining some numbers and percentages over testicular cancer in law enforcement officers who used a rather old speed trap radar unit, infamously nestled close to their, ahem, family jewels. Ran into one quality study, which suggested a 4% rate among all LEO's (uncertain as to how the control group was chosen) and since, the technology was changed to trigger on, not always on, confounding things by a lot. Germ cells are sensitive, especially when replicating and in males, that's essentially incessantly, thermal input beyond what is acceptable and bodily mechanisms cannot relieve the excess thermal contribution might cause a problem. Or someone tortured the data until it submitted, add moral scare. Entirely unsure. It's not like I'm about to bake my bowling balls in a microwave, then try to insert my fingers. 😉 And I'm not about to sign out the other form of balls from my wife's locker, where she keeps me safe from unintentional self-harm. 😉 Trust me, that's a mutual joke between us, all around. As well as the shortsightedness of the Almighty, giving a man two heads, but only enough blood to operate one at a time.
  • Comment on That Night… A Ridiculous Rant of Just Over 2,500 Words by René F. Najera, DrPH October 22, 2019 13:08
    Silent Bob has been good to me, oddly enough.
  • Comment on That Night… A Ridiculous Rant of Just Over 2,500 Words by wzrd1 October 21, 2019 05:46
    My wife and I were "opposite sides of the track" socially. She hung with the smokers and dope smokers, I didn't, was the proverbial L5 to then, total square, it was the late '70's. Little did they know, I also experimented, loathed grass, booze was OK and I could ignore a fair amount of it, judgement wise. Getting puking drunk, well, learned early, avoid that. In high school, my wife and I loathed each other. Period, end of story. Totally incompatible. While her crowd was loud and got a lot of police attention, my small crowd never did - at all. Some few years later, a close buddy asked me to accept a blind date, it was a short dry spell, so, trusting him, why not? Away from peers, well, things mixed, we were married in the ass end of 1981. We're still together today, despite some seriously desperate times. True friends, have a sparse few, very few survived the decades, far too many wanting more than they gave and we always gave all to help out anyone. Hell, it was how we ended up homeless at one point. Yeah, didn't tell you about that. We've always helped out neighbors, strangers in obvious need and friends. We've even allowed homeless people live within our home, under strict rules and overall, it worked out. I've also had a cousin puke all over the inside and side of my car, being a projectile vomiter from hell, only exceeded by me, when ill. The last, more common, typically due to coughing hard for an extended period. Probably shouldn't have started smoking. Stop now, need a cardiologist to monitor things, I am damned near 58 years old. Give it a week or so. My intent is to retire when I'm 80 or so, rather than be bored. As for your cousin, well, tell him, should you ever communicate again, that this Sicilian-American man would've kicked the living crap out of him - literally. Got a cousin who I barely, despite her being massively my elder, nearly experienced that and she'd be the first woman I ever struck, all because she blamed me for abandoning my father - because I was sent to war. Yeah, wanted to hit her so hard in the kisser her quim would've wrapped around her head, to be crude. That I'd have to disable that much of the family at that family function did help dissuade me - barely. Obviously, there was other toxic chemistry present. Overall, my father's family ranges from tolerating me to rejecting me, I range the same. They know the modest difference, try to harm me or mine, I will reciprocate and I have a war record showing that's a lousy and lethal idea. Yeah, talk about toxic families. I'd insult some family members, but my compassion for dementia ridden elders deaths and harm to families is also a close personal memory. So, it's Solomon's judgement and few are Solomon. I sure ain't. Per our eldest, I give excellent advise, but follow questionable paths. But, never was my sense of honor questioned. BTW, thanks for the book on the influenza pandemic, it was also well received at the homeless shelter we semi-shared, as the shelter didn't accept a PA marriage license and now has some, erm, problems. Along with problems introduced by discussion of the context of said modest literature and confusion introduced by the faith of said shelter, which is already going again for investigation of criminal misallocation, a felony. Yeah, I'm generous to honorable people, I'm a dick otherwise. Good night, may Silent Bob bless. 😉
  • Comment on The Hijacking of Fluorine 18.998, Part Two by Biostatistical problems with the Canadian fluoride/IQ study | Open Parachute September 25, 2019 02:44
    […] The Hijacking of Fluorine 18.998, Part Three. This follows his previous critique (Part 1 and Part 2) of the epidemiological issues which I reviewed in Fluoridation – A new fight against scientific […]
  • Comment on The Hijacking of Fluorine 18.998, Part Three by Biostatistical problems with the Canadian fluoride/IQ study | Open Parachute September 25, 2019 02:44
    […] Najera’s critiques the biostatistics is in his article The Hijacking of Fluorine 18.998, Part Three. This follows his previous critique (Part 1 and Part 2) of the epidemiological issues which I […]
  • Comment on The Hijacking of Fluorine 18.998, Part Three by wzrd1 September 24, 2019 05:55
    What I see is, torturing the data until it capitulates. "What these results are saying is that, in this sample, girls had about 5% higher mental age than boys, but, on average, boys had 5% higher mental age than the general population." With such a low number, but concurrent with data previous to fluoridation and after. Society countering with, "girls with glasses don't get passes", words uttered by my own mother. Who was far from a slouch, dad dropped out of high school and joined the army, mom slugged ahead and worked her butt off to achieve, as did did when he returned home from the WWII Battle of Fort Dix (I rib I nudged him on, after seeing war, that ceased and simply told him, he didn't miss anything salutatory). Dad, being a tanker (operated a tank), I was former SF, got poached back after reclassifying, due to injury, things got weird after, when the need was greater. A few operations went south, can't discuss them, even in a group therapy session, others went well, also, not to be discussed in group. Would, that I got to fight the Battle of Fort Dix or Fort Lauderdale. Fully trained to storm the beaches of Afghanistan, a landlocked nation... Don't get me wrong, did a lot of good while there, also massively fouled up once, so badly, I still have occasional nightmares of blowing my own grandchild's head nearly apart. While you've realized that everything isn't Hollywood sanitized, many readers do not. So, reader, do imagine, being a leader, after shooting a five year old child in the head, thinking he was a sniper that dropped a handful of your team you're substituting out on, as the most experienced NCO, then negotiating with the village elders, as we've presented the corpse, then explaining our capture of the sniper, the elder brother, while protecting him from his own mother. I remember one MIB film, where Tommy Lee Jones says something like, "That's just one out of ten thousand memories that I don't want". Welcome to our world. A headline today being, dropping a terrorist group and their neighbors wedding celebration suffered significant casualties. Ever dig out the family next door, being silently joined by villagers, for the poor saps next door? Yet another nightmare, as an 18 month old was involved and as decant as her mother. I'll close with a brighter note. Do you want to see God laugh? Tell it your plans. It, due to reason, a male would have to have a female, need I go on more?