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Fifty Smoking Years

I was eating my steak, egg and cheese on a bagel this morning as I listened to the local radio. They were taking calls from listeners to hear their opinions on the last 50 years since the Surgeon General warned that smoking was hazardous to human health. Since that January […]

We’re all addicted to something

Addictions have always been interesting to me. Growing up, I lived among people who used and abused drugs (e.g. alcohol, marijuana, even heroin). The one thing they all had in common was the understanding in their heads that what they were doing was not good for them and that, in […]

There must be consequences

This post starts with a story. It’s the story of two professional football players who were good friends and teammates on the same professional football team. One night, Josh and Jerry were riding in a car. Josh was driving. The car slammed into a curb and flipped. Josh survived. Jerry […]