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Of course HIV and AIDS are still public health problems

Someone, who will go unnamed, mentioned quite casually that HIV/AIDS is no longer a “big deal” because we have very effective treatments for it. This was such a narrow view of the scope of the problem that I decided to write about it. I hope they’re reading this and thinking over what they said because they’re going to be public health practitioners one day.

Baltimore Pride Parade 2014

I went to the Baltimore Pride Parade and had some fun meeting some great people and seeing others be happy and free to be themselves. Here’s a video and some pictures.

How would you choose?

How do you decide who gets a life-saving therapy and who doesn’t? Public health professionals in resource-strapped places of the world are having to make these decisions. How would you choose what to do?

HIV, Leadership, Teaching Styles, and Spurious Associations

This was quite the week for me at home and at school. Like I’ve told you before, I’ve been working out more and more and had it all tracked through my Nike FuelBand. It really is quite the little gadget. Based on the feedback I get from it, I’ve been more and more inclined to keep moving. So I’ve found…